Happy Halloween!

Halloween @ District9, Singapore

Love this song!

Where She has been!


What topic would interest you more?

Things that make you go mmm....

What do you get when you fall in love?- Burt Bacharach / Hal David

Acrophobic Me...I mean...ALTOphobic me!

My hump my hump my hump!

ini ah moi ah..

From end to start

I have found someone new...

Menjaga Keselamatan Anda during this Festive Season

If I ever become a singer

This is dedicated to my fellow sabahans

THIS happens when you are engrossed with Entourage

My reason to wake up early in the morning- - and (gasp) its not for the show worth waking up for!

Pictures:Bali Part III

Pictures:Bali Part II

Pictures:Bali Part I


Happy Birthday to all Scorpions!

Too canggih pun susah kan? Too complicated pun susah kan?

How Can we Coexist

what is ure star?

Can a woman and man have JUST a platonic relationship?

Haze Haze Go away



Option A or B?

Lama tak jumpa hang!

Not yet a woman

Kerang Bakar

Shrek likes to be shrek for a reason!

Boost your Bust