Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The SHOCKING ingredients in Cigarettes

For a start, here's the who's who of the most TOXIC ingredients used to make cigarettes tastier and more quickly, effectively addictive.
It has ARSENIC. That should encourage you to snub that ciggie of yours!

If you think ciggies are simply dried tobacco leaves rolled in paper, you are about 597 ingredients off! According to an article I read by Melissa Breyer, the tobacco industry has become master mixologists with the additives. Some ingredients are added for flavour, but research has shown that the key purpose of using additives is to improve tobacoo's potency resulting in increased addictiveness - and the additives they choose to use are dreadful.

I am so, so, so glad my husband and I have quit smoking.

For the whole list of 599 additives used in cigarettes, see BBC Worldservice page WHAT'S IN A CIGARETTE.

How to Empower your children to be safe when online

My children are  both very nifty with the ipad and our phones. We don't allow full access to it, but on 'reward days', or days when we are both not around and want to 'facetime' them, they are allowed some time on these gadgets but I monitor or get whoever is looking after them, to make sure they're not surfing nonsense.

Iman is 3 and Isobel has turned 7.

I am more concerned with Isobel as she knows how to read, spell and write, so although I trust her when she surfs, I am still on the look out and have made her implemented parental control over her computer (my old iMac).

I came across this newsletter from UNICEF and I thought I'd like to share with you as a guideline. Will just give a summary of it and you can visit for more online safety tips ok?

1. Digital Habits

Get to know your children's online habits. How much time do they spend online and how do they spend it? Isobel loves her minecraft and although I was assured it's not violent, she seems quite addicted to it and addiction is never good, right?

Are they having trouble in other areas because their digital activities are taking up too much time?
(I finally had to take the ipad and allow access during "reward day" or after homework is cleared, otherwise, she won't even think of putting it down unless she needs to charge it!!! *alarm bells*)

What are their favourite sites and apps and who are they talking to?

2. Online Persona

Remind your chidren to think before posting. Are they proud of what they're posting? Would they want their post to represent them indefinitely?
(Note to parents with teens: selfies showing body parts seems to be the craze now)

They should check photos and posts they're tagged in and untag themselves from posts that are offensive or illegal

3. Bullying and Hateful Speech

Let your children know they can come to you for help on these issues, and check in with them about this regularly. If you child is being cyber bullied, depending on the severity, they may want to delete or unsubscribe the offender.

Reporting the behavior to the site administrators is another option.
( I was did that. Report inappropriate comments and fake accounts pretending to be me)

4. Personal Information & Privacy

Personal information such as full name, phone number, address and birthday should not be revealed in any public site. Social network privac settings should be set to "Friends".
(I also tell her don't simply add/follow strangers on her Instagram)

5. Image and Video Sharing

For safety purposes, your child should remove the metadata from their posts so that strangers cannot access their information. One way is to switch 'location' off on their phone or camera.

(Adults can do this too!)

Hope this helps ?



Guidelines from UNICEF Newsletter
Pictures from the wonderful WWW.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

GM Diet - Daphne Iking Day 4 & 5

Hello there! I completed Day 4 yesterday and blogging about Day 4 & 5 (almost there Pon!) in this post.

So, here's what I ate & felt yesterday. Ordered my almond milk from Stripjuice Jalan Telawi, Bangsar the day before (Sunday)

GM Diet Day 4: Monday 9th February

I felt much more energised as per what the website said. The night before, I didn't crash as soon as I hit the pillow, which has normally happened to me over the past few days. I watched a movie with hubby and eventually fell asleep.

Woke up at 6am feeling a bit sleepy but energised. I don't know how one can possibly be sleepy and energised at the same time. On hindsight, it is probably my daily body clock used to waking up this early now that the jetlag has gone OR yes. I'm sleepy (mind is sleepy cause it knows it didn't get as much sleep as usual) but body was recharged (thanks to detox) ?

Decided to get my exercise done for the day since I skipped any form of exercise the day before. Just a light jog for about 20 minutes.

8:00 am: One banana, 250 ml of Stripjuice Pure Almond milk and a bowl of soup

(My soup: Large onion, 1/5 of cabbage, a tomato, some sawi, one large red pepper, 2 stalks of celery. Boil them together. I still have enough soup for the  next day)

Took a bowl (medium size) of soup for breakfast

9:30 am: Off for shoot

12:00 pm: Ate the banana and drank my almond juice I had with me on location. Felt the hunger pangs coming in fast. Thank God I brought my food with me.

1:00 pm: Went shopping to buy my beef and tomatoes for tomorrow's diet. Was feeling very happy I could have something else than the vegetable soup (which tastes  pretty ok actually, but there's only so much vegetables one can eat without rice. For me at least)

Even though I was excited for Day 5 (this motivated me to tahan Day 4), I am not a huge fan of red meat. So I checked the GMDiet for vegetarians and for Indians and noticed they do allow fish and a bit of rice. So, I ended up buying a pack of salmon avocado sushi for breakfast tomorrow.

1:30 pm: I  accompanied my husband for his lunch of sushi. He is on a juicing diet, but eats sushi to complement his diet. It's not fair how he loses weight faster, but he's hardcore clocking at least 6kms a day. (But, refuses to do a marathon with me , "waste of time"..weird huh? ) He had his detox drink and sushi, and I thought I'd cheat a bit by having a shot of wheatgrass juice.

2: 30 pm: Another bowl of soup. Was really struggling to finish it. Smelt bibik's (the helper) nasi with sardine. Yummy! (Hmm..maybe I can have sardine on Day 5? But without rice, macam tak best, kan?)

3:00 pm: Another bottle of almond milk and half a banana (cause Iman ate the rest).

5:45 pm: Another bowl of soup with a glass of low fat milk.

9:00 pm: Was feeling peckish hungry. Downed it with water. Watched The Grammy's repeat. Slept halfway.

Yay! Day 4 complete!

GM Diet Day 5: Tuesday 10th February

6:30 am: Woke up sleepy but slightly happy I get to cook my burger patty (no bread!) today. Got the girls ready for school and went to bathe and pray. One glass of water. Checked my weight. I've lost an additional 400gms. I always check at the same time each day. Right after I woken up, peed and drank water. Cause our body fluctuates throughout the day, and it can be quite demotivating when you see the weight go up and down.

  ** Take note that if you are working out, you may be surprised to see that you feel leaner and clothes seems to fit you better, but you are gaining weight. That's what happened to me when I as working out at Bodytone, Solaris. I can't wait to start back. Perhaps after CNY will sign up again**.

Working out at Bodytone Solaris Branch. This was before I my procedure. =( Had to rest awhile. Need to get back there.

I may be losing water mass. That's what most people are saying. They could be right, so I make sure I drink more water -- but I do feel leaner and smaller around the waist.

So total loss for today is 1.6kilos. Not as much as I thought to be honest. Nevermind. I shall continue!

7:45 am: Had my salmon avocado sushi. Sorry. I was hungry so I only have the 'after' picture.

12:00 pm: Had one 3" burger patty (grilled) with 5 grilled cherry tomatoes (I prefer them cause they're sweeter) and a quarter thinly sliced zucchini

Drank loads of water in between** Kept a reminder on my phone.

6:00 pm : This was where I sort of broke my GM diet a bit because we were out shopping and I was so hungry (didn't expect to take this long as it was an impromptu outing after taking my car from the workshop) so I had 2 ikean salmon balls and 1/4 bite of hubby's karipap =(

Bought my ikea meatball sauce to complement my dinner at home

7:30 pm: Had 4 2 1/2" meatballs with a bit of ikea meatball sauce with 6 tomatoes. Drank another 2 glasses of water

9:00 pm: Slept like a baby after completing my Grammy's repeat (which was quite disappointing to be honest)

Yay! Day 5 complete!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

My Review about the GM Diet Day 1 to 3

So, I’ve decided to try this GM Diet that many friends have been raving about. My sister actually did it a few times before her wedding and lost a considerably huge amount of weight. The downfall is that this is a detox program, and to achieve  longer results, [ unfortunately ], at the end of the day, it boils down to discipline in eating right and getting at least 3 workouts in a week. There’s no other way but that.

I was skeptical about this because I’m not a huge fan of fad diets. But after coming home from our trip to South Africa, I had gained 4 kilos in 18days and was feeling super bloated!

With the bride and groom Mr & Mrs Boden with Ferhat Nazri and my LOML at Kruger Park South Africa

When I saw a guy friend of mine post pictures of himself after the diet, I was convinced that if he could do it, I could. I spoke to a few girlfriends to do it together but apart from Mas, the rest didn’t want to – yet.

It was on Wednesday itself that I decided we had to do it and it had to start the very next day (cause I was off to Bali on the 13th). So, I told my husband that night and he was surprisingly very supportive (normally, he would say “nonsense all these diets! You will hurt yourself” but he didn’t… so yay!)
There are a lot of sites that teaches one to do the GM Diet, but I went on the actual GM Diet website to make sure I was doing it right.

Day 1: Friday 6th February, 2015

The night before, I was yakking away with a friend and forgot that I needed to stock my fridge up with fruits.

So before my yoga class at 1030am, I found a green apple and jambu to fill me up. Drank loads of water and off for yoga.
That's my friend and yoga teacher. Atilia. She is the original Yaya. Now they have 3 branches. Fuh. 

10:00am: Class was a little bit more advanced than usual. I was feeling shaky all over, especially when doing the “fallen angel” pose. I did one headstand before giving in to exertion.  Drank water.

11:30 am: Had leftover of cut apple and jambu. Placed some raisins in the container that I brought with me to class and drank 750ml of water

12:00 pm: Had my Stripjuice Grapefruit juice.

12:10 pm: Was feeling very light-headed. Took a nap.
1:00   pm: Had Stripjuice Promegranate juice before heading out to get groceries done
4:00   pm: Had a cup of cut watermelon
4: 30  pm: Had a bottle of Stripjuice Orange.
7:00   pm: Had ¼ watermelon, ¼ honeydew, 1/5 papaya. Felt so full . Couldn’t eat my red apples.

My husband shares some fruit with me. He's on a juicing diet.

8:30   pm: Stripjuice Grape (1/2 bottle)
9:00   pm:  Rubbed my essential oils on my neck and soles of feet. Was so tired. Slept right away.

Day 1 completed. Yay.

Day 2: Saturday 7th February, 2015
It’s all about vegetables today! I’m allowed to eat starchy vegetables too. The site recommends sweet potatoes for those living in the tropics. I wonder if Corn is a starchy vege? Will google it later. Cause bibik boiled corn for me. And I can’t resist corn.

7:15  am: 1 sweet potato & a glass of water
7:30  am: Yoga at Central Park with Lay Gaik. Light session

9:00  am: Collected my vegetable juices from La Juiceria, Sri Hartamas.

Had a swig of the Cilantro Celery Punch (admittedly it is not pure vege. This drink had Apples too)

9: 30  am: Had a cob of corn. Feeling ok. Not hungry. Just peckish. Cause when I’m at my desk, I’m normally with sweets or biscuits. Bad habit I know. Since I can’t nibble on my raisins, will go prepare my brocolli and sawi for early lunch.

12:30 pm: Ate my Broccoli and saw. Drank my Goodness Greens from La Juiceria. Was feeling a bit lethargic now. I took some Peace and Calm YL essential oils and massaged it over my temples and neck. Took a quick nap.

(That's why I recommend friends to start this diet on a weekend, cause the first two days are really hard)

4:30 pm: I nibbled on some lettuce and another bottle of Goodness Greens Juice.

6:00 pm: Had sawi and broccoli again. Feeling really sleepy again. Bathed and was in bed by 8:30pm

Day 2 completed. Yay!

Day 3: Sunday 8th February, 2015

Woke up really early and went to weigh myself after taking a swig of water from my water bottle.

I have lost 1.2kilos!

Feeling determined, did some light breathing exercises after subuh prayers and prodded downstairs to make my breakfast.

7:00 am: A glass of warm water. Boiled cabbage and watermelon.

8:00 am: Drank a bottle of Stripjuice Grapefruit

9:00 am: Ate 1/4 of watermelon

Packed my La Juiceria Beet Aid juice and some cherry tomatoes out in case I got peckish while on the go.

12:30 pm: Had Japanese lunch after dropping kids off at Laura's birthday party

Vegetable Teppanyaki. Yum!(Picture from internet. Was so hungry, I forgot to take pic)

I was not supposed to eat beans because it's high in calories, but I love them, plus they're still considered vege, so I cut myself some slack here. (pic from internet)
1:30 pm: Feeling more energised (did not feel sleepy today!). Went to get my stock of almond milk from StripJuice at Jalan Telawi, Bangsar. I met Nicole for the first time. She's so pretty!(She didn't want her pictures taken though. )

Grapejuice for the hubs. Iman loves it too!

Went to take the girls to visit the late Tunku Abdul Rahman's museum and residence.

5:00 pm: We came home and I was feeling peckish. Drank my Grapefruit and decided to prepare a healthy wrap for hubs. (When I prepare food or bake, I don't feel as hungry. Weird I know, so I had to get my hands busy to ease my mind off the cookies on the counter). Ate half a Washington apple.

5:45 pm: I had my cabbage and cauliflower soup dinner. Felt full. More energised. Felt like I could head down to the gym for a 30 minute run. Decided against it to blog the day so I won't forget.

8:53 pm: Drank my Pom juice from Strip juice. Heading to bed.

Day 3 completed. Yay!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Dreams can come out differently but a blessing all the same

unedited version

Different Spin 23rd Jan 2015

The first month of the new year always takes me down memory lane as I start comparing notes on how I pictured my life to be like when I was still a child, to what it really is today.

Never in my 6 year-old mind, would I have thought I'd be writing a column, while waiting for elephants to stroll less than 50 meters away from the "Glamp" (Glam Camp) that I am staying at on Kruger Park, South Africa.  Nor did I marry my high school crush whom I swore to "love for eternity" when my parents forbade us from seeing each other for fear of affecting our studies. I've always pictured myself married to my first boyfriend and we'd grow old together with 6 children looking after us. I've since, parted ways with him, dated a few guys, married one of them, got divorce and remarried my business parter. Between the both of us, we have 4 kids together. "His, Mine, Ours".

Instead of working at the local hospital back home, I am out producing TV shows. I've embraced Islam but I still hum to hymns when attending weddings, christenings and religious celebrations of friends and family. I am also lucky to experience Deepavali now that my sister has married into a wonderful Indian family. Her life was not how she pictured it to be either, and I think this falls true for most people?

I celebrated a friends' birthday last weekend. We reminisced her bash last year, where she was getting panicky because her life plan 'was not complete'. She had an amazing job, but she did not have a boyfriend and was approaching her 40s, so she was worried she would not be able to bear children and was considering on freezing her eggs - "just in case". However, God granted her her birthday wish this year. Not only is she happily married now, but a baby is on the way to complete her dream of being a wife and mother; all in the span of less than a year!

She said if someone told her then, that she would be married to a 'mat salleh' from South Africa after courting each other for less than 4 months and having a thriving career in the entertainment scene instead of practicing law, she would not have believed it.

I also met this jovial character of a man, who has been in the retail industry for many years. This year, the grandfather of one, decides to quit his high paying corporate job to become a chef. For the first 6 months, he worked behind the scenes in a restaurant as a pot washer and learnt the ropes, all this without pay. Last Monday, he started his 2 years studies in the culinary world and he speaks about it with so much passion and excitement; something that most of his closest friends have not seen in him for a very long time. Sadly, his wife does not share his enthusiasm for a change in vocation and they have parted ways.

My mother always tells me, "never say never". We have a local saying for this: " Jaga-jaga, nanti mulut masin" which literally means "becareful, you might have a salty mouth" - so what you say, will come true. Whether you wish for, or not. Don't say it. Try not to even think of it.

Unless you want it to become true.

My Malay friends tell me this is because every word uttered is like a doa or a prayer. Those superstitious go the extra mile and try to eliminate even the thought completely.

In retrospect, I reflect back on what I've said in the past. When I watched the marriage of someone very close to me crumble as a young girl, I swore my husband was never,ever going to leave me for another woman and my marriage was going to be perfect. Karma decided otherwise.

I had written post-it reminders on my study table to motivate me to "study hard Dr. Daphne" and I made a pact to my grandfather that I would look after his dogs and "one day I will visit Africa to see the animals in the safari". Everything but the doctor part came true, so what gives?

"Did you secretly wish to be something else Daph," asks my friend whom I confided to upon this discovery?

And it dawned on me. I did think being a radio announcer was cool after listening to Patrick Teoh and Yasmin Yusuff on Radio 4, and I would pretend that my study cubicle was also my DJ console. All this while looking at the "study hard Dr Daphne" post it notes.

I understand now why there are so many taboos as to what we can see or what we are encouraged to see, when we are pregnant. A pregnant girlfriend was so upset when she was showed pictures of deformed babies (the person who showed her those gruesome photos, did not know she was carrying a child) and I understand her annoyance. Being pregnant, you have to be super careful with what you say, for fear it will affect the child and pregnancy. As much as some might think it is hogwash, I'd rather be safe than sorry.

In conclusion, in all that we say and do, we should always try and think good thoughts, have noble intentions and say only good and positive things. Kind words, kind thoughts. This is my new mantra that I will reinforce strongly in my life and household. InshaAllah, things will be better. Because it can be.

Daphne hopes for more documentary and emcee opportunities, so she can travel more with her family exploring the world. Follow her on twitter @daphCLPT.


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Daphne Episode 6 Traffic : Do Highways increase or decrease traffic?

After speaking to the concessionaire of the Kinrara-Damansara Expressway (KIDEX) as well as their detractors, I was even more intrigued with this whole project.

From two ends of the spectrum, I had to find out from the man on the street, what they thought of the KIDEX project.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Allah knows best

I wasn't sure,
But I knew you were there,
I wasn't sure,
How he would would react to my share.

The wobbly nights,
Don't know why they call it the morning blues,
The rocky nights,
It wasn't me, it was you.

The days passed on,
I saw the lines,
Mixed emotions swirled on,
It was time.

I could love another,
There was never a doubt,
Cause' I'm a two-time mother,
I could continue that route.

Ecstatic I was,
But Allah knows best,
The red drops flooded fast,
And my fears weren't attest.

Allah knows best,
It is time to heal,
Allah knows best,
It's painful, but it is sealed.

Allah knows best.
Allah knows best.
Allah knows best.

All boxed up on Boxing Day

Different Spin 26th December 2014 article submission. Unedited version. Published yesterday, The Star.

Today marks Boxing Day, a holiday in certain parts of the world and a celebration for most. For those uninitiated, Boxing Day is celebrated the day after Christmas Day, when servants and tradespeople would receive gifts, known as a “Christmas box”, from their bosses or employers. Nowadays, Boxing Day is a bank holiday (for some countries) that generally takes place on the 26 December, and in some places, it is a day of super mad sales.

Today, I feel it is a true boxing day for me, not for the reasons above, but because I am feeling “boxed up”.

The kids and I unwrapped some gifts we received from the numerous Christmas gatherings we’ve attended a few days leading up to Christmas. The hosts of these parties have encouraged guests to bring a small, inexpensive gift each, for the exchange of gifts session or the “secret santa” game. We participate as it is fun and it is an excellent ice-breaker at parties when not everyone knows each other.

My children were naturally ecstatic to have presents to open, and I posted the pictures of them and their gifts on my social media. We don’t have a Christmas tree, but my 7 year-old daughter made decorations and postcards that were inspired by the Season of Greetings.

Suffice to say, this holiday brought a nice, warm fuzzy feeling amongst my family members. Most of my family, who are back home in Sabah went for the evening mass and we exchanged our Christmas wishes via Facetime and SMSes. Christmas holidays has been good so far.

But back to feeling boxed up to the brim with a swirl of emotions.

You see, I am in a mixed-marriage. My parents and siblings are Catholic, but I am Muslim. I also have in-laws and relatives who are Hindus and Buddhists. Being part of a multi-racial family is nothing new here and is something that is becoming quite a norm in Malaysia. So why the swirl of emotions?

Mainly because I was taken aback at one or two unsavoury comments on my instagram post that captions me wishing my family and friends a “Merry Christmas”.

Naturally I was upset.

I unloaded my frustrations to close friends on a group chat and it was then that I found out about an ongoing ‘debate’ that has sparked annoyance if not fury to some. There has been a call of from a certain group in Malaysia saying it is inappropriate for Muslims to wish “Merry Christmas” Apparently, Christmas trees are deemed a secret means of the Christians ‘covert conversion plan’ and poor Santa (yes, the man in a red suit) is getting the boot too.

My first thoughts were, “are you kidding me?”

They were not.

It brought me back to a time early this year, where my husband was photographed wearing a sword pendant. He was lambasted on social media for wearing a cross. Even after explaining what it was, the comments came flooding in. It was nice that most of the comments came to his defence, but the one or two that were really nasty, left a bitter taste.

Fast-forward a few weeks later, we celebrated our anniversary in my hometown in Keningau, Sabah. My husband, children and I came clad in my kadazandusun traditional attire, and we took a picture at my kampung house. This time around, a real cross was seen hanging on the wall of my Christian family house. Again, the horrible comments attacked me and the family and suggested that now that I'm Muslim, I should wear a baju kurung.

I can understand them getting cross at a cross, but by me embracing Islam, does not change my ethnicity!

This time, instead of explaining, I ignored and blocked unnecessary comments.

I am tired of explaining my actions and why I do what I do, to complete strangers, so I don’t.

In a previous article, I wrote about how your intentions or ‘niat’ is the foundation of all actions in Islam. So I shall stand by this principal whenever a societal debate takes place.

Hence, when I wish my family and friends a  “Merry Christmas”, it is to forge goodwill - nothing more, nothing less. I encourage my daughter from creating handmade decorations inspired by the Season of Giving because it’s allowing her to embrace and respect a tradition of another family member of hers, and she is honing her creativity skills in arts & crafts. My daughter decorates the house during Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Thaipusam, Harvest Festival and Chinese New Year too. So why exclude Christmas? And if the exchanging of gifts makes everyone feel happy and fosters silaturrahim, why not right?

I don’t recall my Muslim relatives facing these constrictions growing up. My Muslim cousins, who live next door to my staunch Catholic grandmother (Odu)’s house would help with the tree decorations and making of the tapai during the days leading up to the annual family Christmas gathering; and likewise, during Raya, my Odu  would be there, sarung and all, in the making of ketupat and rendang, while smoking her sigup or chewing on her sirih. She’ll also make sure the dogs and her piglets were confined. Gifts and hampers were always the highlight of the evening for us kids. And for the longest time, I continued to leave milk and cookies for the man in the red suit (even after I found out Santa was daddy), as it was still a thrill to get a note from “him”.

Respect, tolerance, love, faith and understanding. That’s what we need more of right now.

I am going to unbox these swirl of emotions now and pray for the above for not just Malaysians, but for our brothers and sisters around the world. May we be kinder and more compassionate in all that we say, think and do. God-willing.

Merry Christmas and Happy holidays folks! I shall see you next year!

This is a personal opinion of the writer. Her gift to herself this year is producing her own online show called DAPHNE, something that she has always dreamed of doing. Watch her recent  episodes on youtube/user/daphneiking

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Polaroid Eyewear Review

It's been awhile since I've done a product review; for starters, I've been pretty busy with emcee jobs and my own online show DAPHNE [I made that (brave) move to not renew my Bella show contract mid this year. (I was supposed to blog about that too, but I reckon I should vlog that instead)!]

Anyway, I wanted to do this particular review because when I shared some pictures about the sunnies I've gotten for the kids and I a few weeks ago on my social media, a lot asked me either over SMS or email about my honest opinion about the Polaroids. So here you go, a blogpost review as promised!

A bit of background:

I have always been particular about my sunnies cause I've noticed my eyes are more sensitive now after my LASIK surgery last year. [Read about my LASIK experience HERE].

So for starters, I want to make sure my sunglasses give me the best coverage against the sun without blocking entirely the light (I really don't know how to explain this in words, but my husband Azmi understands ... basically, I want the sun glare blocked out, but not the brightness of my surroundings). Hubs read about Polaroid eyewear and suggested them to me to see if I would be keen. Initially I thought he was talking about the Polaroid camera (those in my era will remember this MTV below) :

"shake it like a polaroid camera....shake it shake it..."

Well, he wasn't.

He was actually talking about these cool babies

I was surprised to know they've been around for more than 75 years already and that they are (as their name suggests)  the inventors of the polarized lens!

What is Polarized Lens?

Daylight travels in waves in all directions. When it strikes a surface such as water, it mostly moves in two dimensions:

Vertical light brings useful information to the human eye, enabling us to see colours and contrasts.

Horizontal light simply creates optical noise or glare.

So... Polarizing filter blocks this distracting glare and polarizing lenses selectively filter out the horizontal light, thus eliminating glare.

Most high quality polarized sunglasses lenses offer UV protection. However, it is wrong to assume that just because a lens is polarized, that it will also protect against UV radiation from the sun. You should verify by the label or the seller of the product that the lenses protect against UV sun rays. 

Naturally, I checked and the Original Polaroid Sunglasses does offer 100% UV protection.

When are they NOT suitable to be worn?

According to Erinn Morgan's article, there will be instances where polarized sunnies might not be too suitable.

"Though polarized sunglasses improve comfort and visibility, you will encounter some instances when these lenses may not be advisable. One example is downhill skiing, where you don't want to block light reflecting off icy patches because this alerts skiers to hazards they are approaching.
In addition, polarized lenses may reduce the visibility of images produced by liquid crystal displays (LCDs) or light-emitting diode displays (LEDs) found on the dashboards of some cars or in other places such as the digital screens on automatic teller machines and self-service gas pumps.With polarized lenses, you also may be unable to see your cell phone or GPS device."

Well, I've used my sunglasses for outdoors and running at the park (no skiing yet!) and it's been okay so far. I've also tried them on while reading my SMSes over my blackberry and iPhone. It does have this almost rainbow-like sheen, but still readable.

So unlike traditional sunnies, polarized sunnies (like Polaroid) selectively block out glare instead of dimming the entire field of vision (and that's what I meant about I want the glare out, but not the light?).

So you see how my husband is not using Polaroid sunnies and the glare of looking at the bird on a clear, bright sunny day hurts his eyes? Unlike our two girls who are donning the cutest Polaroid eyewear (they have them for children as young as 1 years old!)

I love Iman's choice of sunnies. She reminds me of Cyclops in X-Men.


Polaroid Eyewear is available in Malaysia at Safilo stores. From chic to contemporary, sports and youth for both women and men, as well as catering for our young ones!



Or perhaps sporty?

This is the one I selected. Slight purple hue and the  subtle (harimau) details on my frames. "Safe" choice of colour with a contemporary twist. Perfect for every occasion since I travel a lot and don't want to lug too many different shades with me.

Let's talk about the kiddies collection

Polaroid has apparently always paid great attention to kids, making constant efforts to meet their specific needs in terms of eye protection and safety. Childrens' eyes are more sensitive to UV rays than that of an adult, because they are clearer and more delicate.

For it's KIDS collection, they use UltraSight polarized lenses which block all UVA, UVB and UVC rays (100% UV400 protection). The new sunnies for 2015 ensures a better fit, combining functionality and safety with a trendy playful look.

Comel tak?

The new Polaroid sunglasses are tinged with a "kaleidoscopic array of colors". The soft-to-the-touch rubber finish provides maximum comfort and a lightweight feel (which is important for me as I hate that dent on the bridge of your nose mark after using sunnies!)

The hingeless design and the absence of metal elements ensure safety in any situation.

Most importantly ... PRICING?

It's fairly more reasonable than it's competitors out there. 

RM130 - RM140 (Kids collection)
RM200 - RM 570 (Adults)

Again, PLEASE ensure that if you do wish to choose a polarized eyewear that may not be from Polaroid, make sure it is also safe for UV rays. Polaroid Eyewear guarantees this. And with some many designs to choose from, for everyone in the family, I think you might just be hooked!

Hope this helps?

Where can we purchase them in Klang Valley Malaysia?