Friday, October 6, 2017

I never knew Cyberjaya could be this cool! (Episode 1)

I never knew Cyberjaya could be this cool!

To me, Cyberjaya was "the town near/before Putrajaya" -- and the only reason I'd be at Putrajaya was to settle some administrative documents.

It was never a destination nor did I find much interest in it before till my daughter had a gaming session with her friends at MaGic and that's when I first found out about this Capital of Creation.

As an emerging Global Tech Hub, Cyberjaya is a model for smart city development.

20 years since its inception, Cyberjaya as a model smart city and an emerging global technology hub , continues to be a critical contributor to the digital economy through the development and growth of innovations.

It has also long been home to both international and home-grown technologies companies, that provide value to Malaysia in many different ways.

In Episdoe 1 of this two-episode Vlogumentary, I speak to Acting Managing Director of Cyberview Sdn Bhd, Encik Mohd Najib Ibrahim,  to find out where Cyberjaya is today since it was officially launched back in 1997.

I also speak to CEOs, Ken Deguchi of NTT MSC Sdn Bhd and Khairil Adri Adnan of DreamEDGE Sdn Bhd,  to see how Cyberjaya has helped build their successful business, to where it is today.

Thank you Sofia and team from CYBERVIEW SDN BHD for allowing me access to all these key persons to complete the two vlogs.

For inspiring Technoloyg Innovators, you would be amazed to know our Cyberjaya has so much facilities and more to offer you.

Cyberview​ Cyberjaya Community​


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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Why do you have to be so mean?

Azmi takes over this episode's vlog as I had loads of work to catch up on. Isobel has been dropping heavy hints on wanting her ears pierced. Whilst I'm quite cool with it, her father, on the otherhand, quite fiercely objects.

How old were you when you had your ears pierced?

Friday, January 22, 2016

Of A Celeb Divorce, Louis Vuitton and Politics & Scandals

Sad to hear that Fasha and Jejai have ended their 4 year marriage =( .

In this episode, I make a crown for my King (Though I-King, geddit?) And take my precious W bag for repairs.

The girls get a RM50 budget for toys (definitely beats my 50 pence budget for books many moons ago!) and then hubs goes all philosophical on politics here in Malaysia.

(You can skip bits 8:57 to 10:37 if you are not interested in Malaysian politics)

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Politicians are like hot air balloons? Vlog 21/2016

In this latest vlog post, I tried the Time lapse video thingy of my Go Pro 4. Not to shabby!

Passed the 20 episode mark! Woohoo!
Thank you for all your feedback and support ... and thanks Donna for telling me about the W. SOB!

I hope Justin Tong can help me again.... *Cross fingers* Can ah?

Music Credit:
1. C Hajian "Main Street Special A"
2.J Bach "Air For Lovers For the G String"

My pits smell nice! Vlog 20/2016

It's my mum's birthday today!

Chancho and I go out to choose her birthday cake (slices) and I struggle to accept that she's no longer a small baby anymore. Sniff.

PLUS! I guess Najib is not the only one who has to revise the budget ...

My Germain strap is melting! WHY???? Vlog 19/2016

Good customer service is so crucial in sustaining client-customer relations!

The strap of a new handbag made a mess on my vintage kebaya top. Found out the glue bits of the strap had come out.

Find out how Louis Vuitton handled my case.

My normally cynical husband cum manager was equally impressed and used another US brand as a benchmark for Go Pro to improvise on quality and sustainability of their products.

Aki is in town to see his youngest Odu and guess what he craves for first?

Music by L Cohn "Fly in Your Funk"

Do you know what a Dirty Sanchez is?

2 Events and a Wedding!

Late entry today as it was a super hectic, LONG day yesterday.

Started the day with some wonderful folks from Dignity & Services ... followed by fun and laughter with some really, stylish children at the #HerWorldxGuessKids Most Stylish Event.

Ended the night feeling all nostalgic as I caught up with good food and old friends ...

And now I know what Dirty Sanchez means ... Thanks to Hat and Ivanna. #basket

Music :
1. SaxyThing - WCPM - WCPM
2. Pesan Abah buat Amina - Voice of Men

We found out what Shamone means!!! Yay.

Woke up to a stiff neck! Resorted to get that sorted out, but first! Mummy duties with a bear and getting really chummy with some beautiful verses from the Koran. I also answer some questions on what gear I use to vlog with PLUS ... we get the answer on what Michael Jackson's SHAMONE means ...

Music Credit:
1. Homeboy Rhythms - Quinn
2. Sunny Summer Day - L Tomasic

Video Clip snippet taken from BAD 25 (2012)

VLOG 17/2016

How did Azmi Abdul Rahman become Joe Lebosi?

In VLOG 16/2016, Azmi explains why his name is Joe. There's also another reason why he took on Joe, for similar reasons as stated in the vlog. Why Lebosi? Maybe I should do another vlog on all my company names ---

Lebosi and BigIDIA.



Friday, January 15, 2016

My vloging experience so far

I've just uploaded VLOG 15/2016 last night (will embed Vlog 3 onwards in a bit on this post) which literally means, I've video logged for 15 days in a row now! Yipee!

Let me tell you it is not easy committing to it. Sometimes, I forget to record or if I do, I have all this footage by night fall and I stay up till late to edit and publish it.

But I've noticed that I'm applying my technical basic know how again... have been rusty since leaving ntv7's Bella a year wait! I left Bella almost 2 years ago now!

I honestly don't know how long I will be doing this on a daily basis ... let's just see. I am keen on taking up a graphic course ... not sure where I can get this done (Any recommendations?)


Need to go for a quick jog. Love & Light!

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