Thursday, October 12, 2006

How Can we Coexist

Speaking of birthdays, astrology and such, my brother blows his candles on the same day with those who mourn for the loss of their loved ones on the Sept 11th tragedic incident. We can't deny that the marginalization of our Muslim counterparts has been made more prominent since then. I have many muslim friends who are very dear to me --so during this Ramadhan month, I have learnt to Coexist and have even attempted to fast alongside with them. (Excellant way to detox!)

Last night, I threw an impromtu party at my house. Ryan decided to cook his signature dish - pasta vina sol; and I played hostess bringing out the Chardonnay,coke (for my muslim friends of course) cheese platter, crackers, mango pandan-iced dessert, french rolls with homemade garlic butter, peppermint tea (that went well with the chocolate cake)and salad. Sham/Sharon brought strawberry cheesecake, sheanz contributed her cachos and Nazzie came with his ribena,almond chocs and icecream.

Placed the 'kids' in their play pen (Boboy made one for them at the balcony), refilled the peppermint aromatherapy oil, turned the lights low and played Tony Bennet's cd. Perfect ambience!

The boys wanted to 'open table', but having some muslim friends around, I detoured the conversation and we had some refreshing, light, comfortable chatter at my 'hardly used dining table'. (I like eating in front of the telly on my couch)As I looked around me, listening to the laughter, juggling my wine glass while emptying the ashtrays -- I thought, "well isn't this nice? I'm surrounded by love and I'm blessed to have a home that evokes such cosiness for my friends and I."

Checked on the pups who were quiet, but getting restless --not used to being cooped up. Gave them each a raw hind to chew on and blew them kisses.

Went to the kitchen and boiled more water. Sheanz and Naz had to leave (TheBreakfastShow), and that's when I gave the green light to the rest to bring out the green felt and cards.

And that's when the night started for some, and an epilogue for Naz, Sheanz and I. I had my dose of therapeutic fun when I started cleaning up... took out the pork salad and placed the leftovers in smaller bowls for the boys to nibble on while they played chuotaidi.

How can we CoExist?
Its respecting the interests of all parties without letting go of your own.

The porkie pork salad and 'exchanging monies among friends' came after our Muslim friends left. Wine was served earlier, but coke and still water was an option.

Have a Happy Ramadhan to all muslimins and muslimats.

Read this article below if you have time. =)

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  1. Wah such a nice host. Being a practicing Muslim I am touched whenever my non-muslim friends go out of their way to make me comfortable in their company, I too do the same whenever I am the host. I think that what friends are for and I think its not a big deal when you have that in your mindset. Im just too lazy to get into conflicts, membosankan. Hidup hanya satu biar hidup dalam aman.

  2. p.s. my dad's birthday is also on Sept 11.

  3. Your story here reminds me of the sweet times when I was in Japan.. since I was the only foreigner (and Muslim) in my class, a lot of my friends respected my beliefs & it never stopped us from having fun too.. differences is only 'alasan', we should look for the things that binds us together. Mutual respect is the best.. life is truly that simple.. :)

  4. Hey, thanks for the invite. Good to see you again and will try to trouble shoot the phone for you.

    Good company and food with drinks in a cozy place - what more can one ask for?

  5. Nice write up.

    It's a pity that the rest of the world can't live life the way we all do here in beautiful Malaysia, just like you and your friends.

  6. Yeap, people could use a break from this differences in religions thing. Good effort!