Sunday, October 15, 2006

My reason to wake up early in the morning- - and (gasp) its not for the show worth waking up for!

I got my wish. A white horse. Not exactly a unicorn but white all the same. Her name is Tordilla.

Being on a long break from TBS has its many blessings. One of them is that I get to do the things in life I have always wanted to do, and I do it with the one(s) I've grown rather attached to lately. Tordilla, Sheridan and REndon. Thank you.

Speaking of which, REndon could not join Sheanz and I in our 'getaway plan' cause she is in Ipoh to spend time with her parents since she has to work over Raya- Yup... Raya is just around the corner.

عيد الفطر

The month of Ramadhan is a soothing month for some, a trying period for a few.

Like I had mentioned in my earlier post, I celebrate Raya with glee despite being a non-muslim. I try to fast alongside my Muslim pals and even have my baju raya ready too. So it came to no surprise when TV9 wanted me to be part of their Raya Special.

Bagaimanakah Daph meraikan Hari Raya tahun ni?

Daphne meraikan hari raya setiap tahun dengan kawan-kawan daphne… Oleh kerana daphne ramai kawan muslimin dan muslimat, jadi semasa bulan ramadhan, daphne turut berpuasa bersama-sama dengan mereka – it’s a great way to detox anyway…

They say masa buka puasa, the person or the people that you buka puasa with – akan mengeratkan lagi hubungan silaturahim kan…by a thousand folds, so memang daphne akan cuba berbuka puasa dengan kawan2 daphne yang beragama Islam dan bukan Islam…

Hari raya tahun ini akan diraikan di Singapore sebab Daphne ada kerja sikit, tapi Daphne ada juga a handful of kawan2 yang baru convert di Singapore yang telah mengajak Daphne meraikan Hari Raya bersama2…so its great…I even have my baju raya ready… got it from Faiz Collection—tahun ini bertemakan warna merah jambu dan putih…

So yeah…looking forward to my rendang, lemang… never celebrated raya in another country beside Malaysia…so this is the first! Quite excited!!!

Kepada semua yang meraikan Hari Raya….Selamat Hari Raya...Maaf Zahir & Batin…especially to those yang Daphne telah offend ke…tersalah cakap…kasar bahasa…minta maaf banyak-banyak…. AND DON’t PLAY WITH BUNGA API….!!!


Selamat ari Raya to u too Daphne!!

Editor's note: Count God's Blessings, Don't Discount them.


  1. Hrmm, I like your riding pants. Now this reminds me of a song... can you guest what song? hahaha.

  2. mastura and I said after our 3 months riding classes, we are going to err...discontinue...take a rest... U know, most of the riders i know have no arse since ooi @ luxen has very vivid imagination pertaining to my posterior, im going to make sure it remains the same (my posterior..not his vivid imagination!)