Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Can a woman and man have JUST a platonic relationship?

I read about RomanA's new found friendship with an ex-model in the NST today. Nothing against NST but wanted to do more research on this news and found this in my search:-
(Taken from

SOCCER billionaire Roman Abramovich is enjoying a close friendship with this stunning brunette, the News of the World can reveal.

The 40-year-old Chelsea owner — married with five children — has been meeting regularly with gorgeous Russian society girl Daria Zhukova.

Model Daria, 23, has been spotted with the tycoon in locations around the world.

An insider revealed: "Daria is so gorgeous...really beautiful. She's been everywhere with him and is a drop-dead head turner."

Abramovich tried to gag the News of the World from revealing the friendship.

But after hearing Abramovich's case, Judge Christopher Pitchford ruled "Nyet" — dismissing his application for an injunction and ordering the tycoon to pay our costs.

Daria is the daughter of a Russian playboy who once spent six months in jail before being cleared of dodgy international arms dealing.

The sexy brunette has been seen out with Lord Freddie Windsor and is a former girlfriend of Russian tennis ace Marat Safin.


News of Abramovich's friendship will cause a few raised eyebrows in the worlds of football, high society and business.

The Chelsea owner, who's worth £11 billion, even invited her and her father Alexander Zhukov to a New Year party.

One football insider said: "Roman is the most instantly recognisable man in English football. But he has clearly been seeing a lot of this girl."

Now we can reveal how Abramovich, Britain's richest man:

  • Jets off for foreign trips with Daria in countries across the globe
  • Takes her to watch Chelsea home matches
  • Loves spending time with such a beautiful young woman
  • Tries to keep his friendship with her discreet.

  • A source close to Abramovich revealed: "I've seen Daria with Roman and she is simply stunning.

    "She has done some modelling and is really gorgeous. Any man would be proud to show her off. She just oozes charm and sex appeal. She's been everywhere with him."

    The News of the World can reveal that separate close sources in Moscow, Spain and London have all been aware of his friendship.

    One said: "Daria has confided that she likes him a lot and word has leaked out."

    And another source in Moscow revealed: "Daria has been on the scene for some time. It is not uncommon for very rich Russian men to be surrounded by gorgeous women — it's almost a tradition. It is not looked upon in the same way as in the West."

    Until now Abramovich's aides have helped him keep discreet the close friendship, which began as early as February last year.

    He met up with Daria — known as Dasha to pals — in Barcelona for the Champions League clash with the Spanish champions that his Chelsea team lost 2-1.

    He is a devoted family man but he also enjoys female company and likes to keep in touch with old friends. It is believed that Abramovich is aware of the arms scandal that surrounded Daria's London-based father Alexander Zhukov.

    The 51-year-old playboy was held for six months in a Turin jail in 2001 by Italian police probing an international arms smuggling ring.


    I spoke to Ryan about this and we started discussing the possibilities of us being super close to someone from the opposite sex once we are married.Would it bother us and cause a problem ?

    Nazrudin is my bestpal. It used to be Nigel-- but I guess he doesn't count (bless u Nigel) since he and I share the same sexual preferences. But yes, Nazzie is a straight, heterosexual man who adores his girlfriend and is mummy's boy. He does not find me attractive in ANY romantic way -- and I can bet with my left finger(nail) that he never will! And for the love of God.... I can NEVER, EVER imagine exchanging saliva with him...Eww... Now..Now...(fans of NazzieBoy who are reading my blog)...Don't get me wrong. Naz is attractive...(his nose & tahi lalat adds character to his flawless face) is charming, young, smart, witty and hilarious.(Un)fortunately, I guess we are too alike to fall in love with each other. So yes, what we share is a unique platonic love.


    In our premarital course, we discussed our expectations for each other and I got nervous as we approached some simple questions that needed honest-to-goodness-needed-answers.

    I put myself in my partners shoes. Would I get upset if he was super close with another lady?

    If marriage is about trust, compromise and most of all LOVE, when do we draw the line? How will we know?

    I am somebody who has intimate groups of friends- whom I can trust with my housekeys and such....

    Michelle, Dam & Boy -my siblings

    The Nerds (& ekor), Lynn, AaronM - my highskool chums

    Ida, Mimi, Syikin, (Dr)Shah, Steven -my uni mates

    Ella, Sheanz,Mas , Ooi, Naz, DFR - (ex)colleagues

    Anis, Ronee, Linda, Nurul, Doress, Nef, Jae, Sharon & Chern, Naz & Ain - post Uni

    Nigel - Bless his soul

    Xixi, Daniel&Henry, Alan, Andy, Lim, Su Lin, Nigel, Jojo- Indigo Dancers

    Alvin, Adrian, Noel, Paul, Sham, Ooi, DFR, Jeremy, Darren, Naz - the irritating men in my life who I would irritate back ...just because.

    SO there. In all phases of my life, I have been extremely close to at least ONE guy who I had NO romantic feeling whatsoever with. And he was STRAIGHT!

    So, can a woman and a man have JUST a platonic relationship?

    A married dude with a single woman?

    Or a married man with a married woman?

    Or a married woman with a single man?

    A brother in law with his his wife's sister?

    A man with his brother's wife?

    The list goes on. I just want to say; YES. It IS POSSIBLE for 2 people of the opposite sex to share something so beautiful without having sex in the equation.

    What say you peeps?


    1. YES,it's possible and NO,it's not.i will take a pass on's such a complex issue and will be futile to address it.........anyway u did not bet with your LIFE.

    2. No, its not possible for you, after marriage to have a best buddy from the opposite sex. It is okay from the same sex.
      I think even if your spouse (man/woman) says he/she is okay about it but inside its 90% certain its "NO! NO!".
      Your best pal should be your spouse.

    3. ever come across a billionaire jetsetting with a vivacious intelligent lady but physically overweight,unkempt hair ,face bursting with acne and has dressing taste that only an Amish will be proud of?????[i don't mean to look down all you guys,my dear Amish friends ,on the contrary my deepest respect]what happen to all those comments of yours bout doing a host of stuff together with your spouse.i thought that meant bestpal,right????

    4. Hmm, yes a complex issue I agree. anyhow, since I *am* the girl of your best friend ;p I can vouch that such a thing is possible... *but* it requires the right blend of trust, respect and understanding to succeed:

      1st: an understanding, sensitive and thoughtful man is the only man who can manage this kind of situation. the guy plays a very important role in setting the record straight and being upfront with his girl from the beginning

      2nd: it helps if his girl and his best girl friend are introduced and given the opportunity to 'size each other up'

      3rd: both girls have to be upfront and honest with each other at all times. it helps if they like each other enough to also become friends!

      4th: his girl must also be understanding enough to accept the friendships he has outside their relationship

      5th: trust, honesty and do unto others as you would wish done unto you!

      that all said, im glad that you have found a best buddy in naz and that i have been included in your friendship. because not only do i now have the love of a wonderful man, I have also the company of his beautiful best girl friend whom I have come to love dearly!


    5. In one of my communications class, I had to write a paper about the same topic, could men and women be friends without any romantic relationship. We had to watch the movie "When Harry Met Sally" and base it on their interpersonal relationship. Anyway, if you haven't watched the movie, they two fall in love with each other anyway.

      Not to be rude, I also don't find you attractive hahaha. You sexy but you just don't do it for me because like Naz, I know you. Anyway, I don't find anyone from work attractive in a romantic way. They can be physically attractive, but I have a mental block that says no to anything else.

      Menang hebat lah Ryan, I salute you for being able to marry this woman!

    6. If you think you can, then you can la.. but ironically the same can't be said about the other half though..

      Then there's also the question of how well you know your best pal's (true) feelings? up front he/she may seem uninterested but deep inside.. only God knows..

      so, I'd have to say NO here.. :(

    7. i beg to differ,Sheahnee,it's like i have a best friend[but sexually unappealing with the saliva and all] and i'm marrying into.....i dare not say it out.what u have describe is utopia,do u sincerely believe that it will be the same throughout knowing the utter unreliability of the MIND.yeah the MIND plays tricks.look at your life for such examples.

      i'm not saying it's true but in 'Harry met Sally' the main theme is 'sex gets in the way'

      i have no experience with regard to marriage but common sense tells me that my spouse should me my best friend to confide and share the deepest secrets
      but anyway my ideal may not be yours and who dictates what is ideal right?

      i'm not attacking the sanctity of marriage here, but in my 30 over years i have heard enough of reasons
      1]nearing 30,beyond that gotta sell cheap
      2]financial security
      3]emotional security
      4]wanna play catch with my boy before i reach 60
      5]production house
      6]kill time,yeah i say it, KILL TIME
      7]we have been together for some time,it's the only logical move


    8. yeah woman and man can have platonic relationship,but we have diverge to the issue of bestpal not being the other half

    9. neh.
      wont let that happen.
      not so much about trust,but more to jealousy.
      cant imagine my partner lending his shoulder for another woman to cry on.
      nyeh nyeh neh!!!