Friday, October 20, 2006

ini ah moi ah..

I look so ah moi-ish here. Irritated the shit out of Ryan and Sheanz when I was in my "need to get my healthy dose of Vitamin K...put sunblock..but don't overexpose the skin to harmful UV rays- so use payung please?" phase. Walk-walk around the park with a payung is very "the-cina-wan".

Having my organic pumpkin seed cause hungry and malas to cook for sahur. (Yes, back to fasting with my pals) Meeting Sofie for buka later to "talk biz" (as he puts it). I betcha that he just misses my noisy arse disturbing him at the office.

My study table is SO messy.
I have STILL not figured out how to transfer the contacts/calender to my new phone...hence the delay and mess on my studytable... Plus Sham tried copying my contacts to paste it to another file, but it didn't work so now I have to (slowly and patiently) have to delete the same contacts I have in my phone - if I don't do that, I will not know who calls/smses.

Aiya...almost 5 and I am not asleep. Have a long day "today". Shit. GO to sleep Daphne.
Ini ah moi ah...manyak susah..


  1. u have gotten your alphabet wrong Ah Moi.unlikely to be typo error as the'd'key and the 'k'key is wide apart on the keyboard.just stop talkinglah in 'chinglish'mah than lu inglis will betterloh.

    ahhhhhhh a walk in the pleasant indeed.a good dose of sunlight for that rich tan and to perk up those bones of yours.BUT u are probably shitting into your lungs with those airborne ashes.LIFE......choices,choices.

    sleep?u mention sleep?who has this 'TEN COMMANDMENT of sleep'Ain't walking the talk i see.

  2. in summary
    Tordilla might actually had been a unicorn.did u inspect the forehead and the side quarter for may be signs of a horn and a pair of wings long gone pilfered by 'orang cina' for aphrodisiac.

    yeah i admire people who are in touch with their roots[word made famous by Alex Haley]but sad to say this ,u have actually lost a say on how your homeland should be govern a couple of years back.pitiful indeed.minority rules over majority.akin to apartheid?

    singer???GOD forbids.There is pretty damn a lot of noise pollution at the moment so please spare us the grievances.i implore u please!anyway any Tom,DICK and Harry can cut an touch up these day does do wonders.........u do threesome?

    Ewah ewah confident betul when it comes to kena saman.probably approach a friend in JPJ later to'hang boleh do me a favor ah.boleh hang delete saman saya dari computer?'i had a friend who did not had cash at hand being a UNI student,he was force to withdraw money from the ATM machine.SERIOUS the policeman trailed him to the ATM machine!!!

    divorce ?why are we so negative bout it.rather than going at each others jugulars, why not separate?
    the great thing about divorces in the Malaysia context is now i got to know how a politician can amass so much of wealth,being just a civil servant.i guess they should include anti corruption agency personnel during a divorce proceedings.