Saturday, October 21, 2006

Acrophobic Me...I mean...ALTOphobic me!

I rock climb cause I have altophobia. Yes. I have a fear of heights and YET I rock climb. Strange but true. Every step I take (u can sing?!) up, it gives me a wonderful high (geddit?)! No need for 'instant gratifactional alternatives' like drugs and/or obese consumption of alcohol (I said OBESE amount....being bias cause I like my champy!). For altophobics like yours truly, get your kick by taking a rock climbing course at Camp5, OneUtama and we can belay each other! (no funny ideas chaps!)

This is me pictured trying to look composed and strong...In all truth, I was scared shit! Always get that feeling no matter how many times I've climbed! Poen feeling funny as I climb higher and higher (the last time I went bungy jumping and (stupidly) looked down, my poen (read:fanny btw) felt so 'funny' I almost quivered in big Os!

Da-fanie's fanny feels funny when she climbs the ferocious wall, but she feigns a feline familiarity and fervourly fenders negativity by climbing on even though her fanny feels funny!


  1. woot! looking good in them 3-stripes babe :)

  2. hey daphne!! Topher here... I doubt you can remember so let m refresh your memory... I'm one of th contestant in Vector Challenge last year lar.. the dude who's studying in USM.. remember now??.. if still can't then nvm.. hehe..
    anyway.. hope to hear from you sometime man.. till then take care and God bless...

  3. Your blog's featured on HOT mag. Current issue.