Wednesday, October 18, 2006

If I ever become a singer

Today, 2 ppl asked me why I have not jumped on the bandwagon to cut an album.
I laughed and told them, cause that's ONE thing I will or rather CAN'T do.

But if I EVER , by the stroke of pure luck (and desperation) start singing as a career -- I want to do something country-ish. Think Faith Hill, Dixie Chicks, Sheryl Crow...not exactly yodelling...but country all the same.

I'm a little bit country...
I'm a little bit rock & roll...

Whatever it is, if I become a singer, and decide to cut a video album, please kill/shoot me (make sure my face is unscarred though) if the video turns out to be something like TataYoung's Elnin-Yo! Yaiks.

Or anything kampung wannabe city-ish like. Speaking of celebs etc...

If there are 2 ppl in the world whom I would cheat on when I'm married, they would be:

combo 1

Robbie williams + George Clooney

Combo 2

Robbie Williams + Johnny Depp

combo 3

Angelina Jolie + Robbie williams.


789 was wonderful last night. Lepaked with some friends and had some really good laughs!
(wait till u see my running man!)

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