Sunday, October 15, 2006


This weekend, I thought I would treat myself to somewhere nice (but near) so here I am at my fave KL chillout pad - spent the whole afternoon sleeping in after a much needed massage. Finally managed to wake up to room service: mango and sticky rice...Preparing my warm bath now and 'watching' Chelsea vs Reading (64 min Chelsea 1) while surfing the net/blogging.

I played auntAgony to a dear friend of mine and as I sit here listening to the various sounds of this hotel room (mr bubble *the goldfish* stares and listens alongside with me) the sounds of running water , British commentator on the box and my non-stop (irritating) sniffles; I wonder how my piece of advice to her has gone through.


Surfed the net and found this in someone's webjournal:

It's so easy to move ahead and go on with life but we both know we don't want to.
It's so easy not to look back but we know in retrospect, what we have had gone through was precious and irreplaceable.
It's so easy to say, goodbye but deep down inside it's not what we really meant to say.
It's so easy to say, forget it ever happened but we know the feeling is too entrenched to be erased off our minds and hearts.
It's so easy to say, you have yours and I have mine, we will live separate lives.
It's so easy to say, I'll give this up for your happiness and for mine but it's not true.
It's so easy to say, time will help us forget about each other but you know it will not happen unless amnesia hits us.
It's so easy to say, I will back off and cut off those correspondence but we know that we are too connected and can't live without it.
God, none of us deserve this, please, I pray that HE will give us all the strength and love to be together again.

Love is finding ways to be together.
But what if that love is not the conventional type of love?

If religion is an issue?
If time is a factor?
If that somebody already belongs to another?
If distance does NOT make the heart grow fonder?
If it betrays the rules of dating etiquette?
If the parents disapprove?

I have been in and out of love a pinchful of time, and everytime I weep at the end of the road of one broken relationship, I yelp in delight at a new found love...and the cycle continues.

Time heals a broken heart and prayers keep you sane.

I don't know what the outcome of their talk will be, but I do know that I will be there supporting, praying and loving them silently at the background.

I make a lousy auntAgony but I make great peppermint tea and am a great listener, so whoever wants to share their woes with me, you may drop me a note.


Final score: Reading 0, Chelsea 1.

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  1. As per Rascall Flatts song Bless the Broken Road.After a hurtful relationship,we will somehow find happiness at the end of the day.But reading what you got from the other blog...sad...sounds like my plea except probably the other person may not want it as I do :(.Life goes on they say