Monday, October 9, 2006

Lama tak jumpa hang!

This is another good pal of mine - Iduts.

We met up today over buka puasa with her boyfriend Harold and it was so good to see her after so many months!

Ida and I met in USM. She is 2 years my senior and our (ex) boyfriends were good pals with each other. She was like a sister to me and we went everywhere together. I thought I'd try our luck to see where the both of them were today and luck was on my side when we FINALLY managed to meet up over dinner and some really good Molten Choc cake at Chillies, OneUtama.

When the boys went to smoke, we updated each other on our life happenings. She was shocked to hear about the news from the office but delighted to know about our wedding plans. She told me about work and how 'hard it is to lose weight now that you are 30'. We chuckled as we slowly moved in to comfortable familiarity. I remember having a conversation with Sheanz a while back. Good friendship will bridge the discomfort of conversations between 2 pals who have not seen each other in ages.

She looked healthy and happy and we went for a quiet stroll to burn the calories from the bloody rich cake . She showed me a very psychedelic nike sling bag - "hey pon, this is sooo you"
She knows me well. I took a look at it, slung it over my right shoulder and peered the mirror.
"Come...I show you some stuff next door" *grin*
"Wow..sejak bila hang adidas mari punya perempuan?"

We parted and promised to meet on Tuesday with Nef for buka.

Lama tak jumpa hang...but then again, it seemed like only yesterday that we sneaked into the hockey field for the first of our many... ha ha ha ..adventures!

Ps: Speaking of the past, Happy birthday to Steven TanLyeHock! He turned 30 on the 7th October. I do hope you got what you wanted for your birthday Apeq' .... I hope she says YES! To others celebrating their birthday on this day, HAPPY BLESSED BIRTHDAY TO YOU TOO! =) Hugs!

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