Friday, October 20, 2006

From end to start

We were invited for the Samsung Ultra Honour Award night at (Crowne Plaza) Mutiara KL 2 nights back. Here are the pix posted from back to front. We ended the night at 789 (love the white decor!). It was Mui's birthday-- so we came straight from the party to join Mui, Sheda (Kris/SitiNurhaliza/Fazura look-a-like), Nyinyo and Anand at Ascott. DC joined later on in his baju Melayu.

FromLeftToRight: Boboy, Paul, Me, Mastura, Bday girl Mui, Her "hello2" Nyinyo, Anand and Sheda.
I told Mui we will have a proper party after Raya. Found out Sheda's birthday is on the 3rd November, so will make it a double celebration.
I forsee 'changing monetary amongst pals' as part of the celebration.
Perhaps karaoke (again?) tomorrow night if my deal with 7 is confirmed.
Mui looking stunning despite her saying "I tak pakai makeup!"

SerenaC the MC for the Samsung Ultra Honour Awards Night.
Samsung recognized 3 very distinguished people who have talent, passionate, inspirational, truly beautiful and strong- and have put so much effort to acheive their unlimited ambition(s).
Samsung plays tribute to
1. Bernice Chauly: Writer, filmmaker, actor, photographer and teacher.
2. Rizalman Ibrahim: Determined Designer
3.YBhg. Dato' Tony Fernandez: Enlightened Entrepreneur
(who couldn't make it for the awards by the way)

Can u see the new Ultra Edition phone in SerenaC's pocket?
Nope?'s that small.
Oh. I got mine. And its engraved. Kool!

Poignant moment. Love taking pictures of kids....Seen here is Rizalman hugging his son Umar after Umar presented papa with a bouquet of flowers. Of course, my camera not as canggih as SOME ppl, but its light enough to lug around -- cause you never know when u need a cam to capture THAT moment!
Ah....Dynas in a stunning dress by Rizalman, Daphne in a fushia catsuit designed by NigelSamson, Paul Hamilton, REndon@ Mastura, Sheah Nee Lee and NazzieBoy.
Pix courtesy of boboy

Awards. I received one today!

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  1. So jealous!!! T.T I wanna be famous too so I can get cool phones.. :p