Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Its Halloween! I 'celebrated' Halloween with some Singaporean/Malaysian friends at Velvet/Zouk last Saturday.. Pix to be posted real soon. Had an incredible time-- it was a smashing night! It was super cool, cause it served as a Wrap Party for us too! Met up with Nurlena aka Leena and her cousins too!(There's an INTERESTING story about Leena's cousin, but that will come in another entry). They joined Max, ThuanChye, Tim and I at Clark Quay for drinks, then we proceeded to Velvet to meet up with Zen, Matt, Carmen & their gang.


I remember in England, y-e-a-r-s back, my siblings and I would go 'trick or treating' during Halloween. Mum&Dad allowed us limited houses to go Trick&Treating, ("don't go bothering the neighbours") so we didn't get much treats...but it was ok. Mum always had something nice for us to eat upon returning home. I remember telling my sister Michelle that we should carve our own pumpkin. We failed miserably. Only cause the pumpkin was rotting and we were'nt allowed sharp knives (safety reasons) so we (pathetically) used a butter knife and a teaspoon.

We did not have the luxury of buying or renting costumes, so we made our own. Michelle was always a witch ( a good one she claims), Boboy was a Mummified Mummy and I was the ghost (too darn lazy and not so creative with my costume making -- ghosts were easy. Just get a big white sheet and cut 2 holes for the eyes! - mum would not allow me to use the bedsheets, so I had to opt being an orange ghost -- I used the MAS blankie (it was orange in colour then) that my mother casually took out from the plane.

That was then. Now is now.

I know I have a friendly ghost looking after me, even as I type this. He may be far away, but he is near me at heart.

Remember me this way. Remember me sometimes.

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  1. limited houses to go Trick&Treating, ("don't go bothering the neighbours")

    your parents were way ahead of the crowd,way before the word'PAEDOPHILE'become every parents Halloween nightmare.Guess who will be tricking and treating himself to ecstacy?

    carve our own pumpkin.

    poor souls,i can imagine how much u guys wanna to blend in and be accepted as part of the community.the old adage'in Rome do what the Romans do'rings true here.

    orange ghost
    sounds more like an asian version of the KU KLUX KLAN.Wow so racist even as a child[that was then.WHAT more now]