Saturday, October 21, 2006

Things that make you go mmm....

I have not been alone at home for a very long time. Boboy has gone for a holiday up North with his good friend Arther and Ryan has left Malaysia to chase his dreams of being the next dragon slayer-who plays excellent golf (yawn!)- and will be kurang buncit when he returns home in time for the wedding. (Yes. That's the next time he returns home).

So today was DD- Daphne's Day. Woke up to the sound of music -- literally-- (the promo of THE SOUND OF MUSIC was being played on telly). Left the darn tv on again! Did a cat stretch, switched off my nokia charger (yes, have STILL not transfered data to the new phone!), made my bed, brushed my teeth, reread my brother's sms saying "I've left to Penang already" (just to make sure I was not dreaming when he smsed me at 6 in the morning), headed downstairs, slid open the balcony door, played with the pups (what a much crap do they have in their body anyway?), shoo-ed Brazil as he tried humping China (again), sniffed around the kitchen, looked at the time, saw it was too late to 'sahur' (duh), so ended up eating Boboy's leftover food he cooked last night while watching reruns of footie- fed the pups, read a disturbing email and got ready to go out for my brazilian appointment. (Did a straight up this time around). =)

After the massage etc, had my nasi at Pelita and after shopping for some toiletries, decided to head home. That was around 3-4 pm. Got home and took out my yellow rubber gloves. One thing I love doing when I am alone at home is to clean up the house. Therapeutical indeed!

So, that was how my day was spent. Pamper session followed by another form of therapeutical relaxing-- spring cleaning. Wanted to strip the curtains and entire sofa cushion down for washing too, but thought perhaps I should wait till I return from Australia to get the whole house thorougly clean in time for Xmas.

Rewarded myself with instant noodles (a big No according to my nutritionist ...BAH!) and a glass of white wine. Lighted up the candles, refilled the oil burner with my peppermint oil essence, put on Travel & Living and just embraced the solarity of being alone in a clean house.

Then, I had my sniffles so I decided to head upstairs for much needed (early) rest. Tossed and turned so now I am in the study doing what I do best when I can't sleep.

I usually like being alone at home, cause it's all about me, me & me. But somehow today? It's just different. Man, I wish I had my boys with me now. At least I have kaki to play cards with. Or something.


  1. instant noodle and wine,lethal combination indeed.absolutely healthy.But i'm not too sure bout the peppermint oil,don't u think there is some kind of chemical stuff that is bad for health?

  2. teach the dogs to play cards, now that'll be cool.