Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Haze Haze Go away

Woke up from my afternoon nap to a terrible sorethroat, stinging (watery) eyes and a bad cough. Yup. Decided to leave the balcony door open and (stupidly) allowed the terrible hazy air to enter my sleeping dormain. Bad move.

My left eye is bengkak (macam kena sty) and I look funny. Can't see what I'm blogging so pardon me if there is a typo error. Not wanting to give in to the haze -- I went out anyway and had my steamboat at Coca with the gang.

Actors studio is playing Girls just wanna have fun. Might go and watch it -- who wants to go? Pluck end Oct. Wanna catch that too. I wanna catch a movie, a play, a musical-- but not the flu-ey. sniff.

Haze Haze go away...go and stay in Indon wei!

1 comment:

  1. now now now do not be hasty in chasing the haze away.since our politician did suggest to promote illegal racing[mat rempit]as a tourist attraction,why not the haze.it has become a natural phenomena ,so all year long visit Malaysia campaign with the slogan 'Truly Malaysia'

    when i stated that malaysians are anal,i do not mean that we are gay,i mean i do not mean that we are unhappy lot,i mean.............so difficult!!!