Monday, October 9, 2006


I am replying some emails, surfing the net and watching/hearing this corny grade B old movie on my telly right now. My brother is watching it downstairs and since this PayTV system is wired up in my room too, I have to watch what the person downstairs is watching and vice versa. I could opt to switch the tv off or to change the channel, but one, I can't find the remote control, two, I'm too lazy to get out from my bedcovers to look for it and three, its irritatingly corny and sappy, and I am moaning quietly to myself about its sappiness, yet (secretly) I continue watching it to see how much corny-er/cornier it CAN get. Strange huh?

Speaking of strange, here are some strange observations I have noticed.

One is my constant complaints about the malay dramas shown on our local screens. I was watching one with my sister in KK sometime back and we were both shouting our "OMG...that's SOOOOOOOO lame..why serve orange juice only and not watermelon or grapejuice....look at her acting....who actually turns around with such sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow movements?" My mother who was reading a book smirked and told the both of us to change the channel -- and we both said in unison " Eih..since we watched the first part, might as well watch the whole thing...see how buduh it can be" Then mum says "then stop complaining la...bising!"

That made us laugh cause its true. We complain yet we opt to watch it all the same. So, its not the drama's fault for us feeling cranky -- hell its free tv anyway....and that goes the same for those who complain about our Malaysian tv/arts/entertainment industry...heck...EVERYTHING. YOU have the right to do the neccessary changes. So do it. Strange how many of us just keep complaining but don't do much to change it.

Two, when we blow our nose, why do we open up the tissue to see what we had blown out? To see the colour of our snot? (if its yellowish-greenish in colour, it usually indicates illness more than just a runny nose). So we've seen it one time, why do we continue doing it again and again.
Just blow it out and throw the damp tissue away la...Strange.

Three, when friends from overseas come and visit-- and they want us to tell them "the best places to visit" in Malaysia, why does food spots head the list? How about our national museum, our national monuments, our Butterfly Farm (*blink*blink*) Malaysia truly Asian FOOD should be put in the tourism tagline.
Our national museum not happening enough meh??

When I was young, the guy selling the coconut keychain (and he can personalize it for you by writing your name on it) was the oleh-oleh for many tourists. That was YEARS back, YET they still have the same type of souveniers being sold at the Central market right up till TODAY!!!!!! Strange that other countries like Bangkok and Bali can do it....they have changed their oleh-oleh to something more canggih-manggih. Why can't Malaysians change ours?

Why are we quick to judge, complain and criticize? And feel hurt and angry when we get the shorter side of the stick?

Ok..ok...i get it.
Its a corny movie-- but the camera angles are not bad and the editting is not bad. The blood gore mess looks rather realistic and I like how they play with lights for the shadow effect.

Like what Gumps mummy says (and mine too) , if you have nothing nice to say. . don't say it at all.


  1. I dont like so much komplen and whining lah, buat penat puasa saja.
    Sometimes when Im driving and I REALLY NEED to blow my snot (because you can feel the cendol already.. ewww) I just *gasp* blow my nose on my tshirt lah.
    What to do? ... hehehe

    p.s. come visit my blog lah Daph.
    pps. I love Penang oso.

  2. In the editing rooms here, there's a saying which we use to criticize someone's editing, we say "Very RTM lar!"

    Thank goodness no one said that to my face yet, though I'm guilty of making fun of my colleague's editing with that same saying.

    Now when people ask me about their editing and I don't like it, I say "that's so old school!"

    Editing world also got fashion police one you know!

  3. Iking to take on serious role

    KUALA LUMPUR: In a departure from her usual light roles, Daphne Iking, one of the nation's hottest celebrities, is set to portray a more serious character.

    She will be playing out real-life problems in a Singaporean drama, the title of which has yet to be confirmed.

    DIFFERENT SIDE: Iking will be portraying a married woman who is trying to conceive and facing a lot of other obstacles in her life in a Singaporean drama.
    “It's going to be really different. This time I get to portray my other side – a lot of people know me as the jovial and fun sort but very few know the more serious side of Daphne Iking,” she told The Star yesterday.

    “I will be playing the role of a married woman who is trying to conceive and facing a lot of other obstacles in her life in this drama.

    “It won't be a comedy or anything light. It's going to be more intense, more real and definitely more about the hardships of life,” said the host and assistant producer of The Breakfast Show on ntv7.

    The pilot shoot is scheduled to start at the end of October in Singapore.

    Iking, who has also acted in KL Lights, a comedy series that aired on 8TV earlier in the year, said she was also in talks for the setting up of a daycare centre for special children.

    “I've always wanted to set up a special kids' centre but never had the opportunity.

    “So now I am in the midst of discussions with a Singaporean counterpart and hopefully everything will go smoothly. If all goes well, it is likely the centre will be set up in Johor, as the state lacks such facilities for special children,” she added.

    Meanwhile, this busy lady is also planning to pursue her PhD in International Communications from Nottingham University in China sometime next year.

    Not one to let the grass grow under her feet, Iking is also planning to open a health food restaurant in Sri Hartamas.

    Fuyuuuuh, "one of the nation's hottest celebrities". Panassss... panassss, where's my shade?

    What's a health food restaurant? Like that one in One Utama where they serve organic food? Or a juice bar?

  4. 1]complaining???the word is 'critique'it sounds vogue ,arty farty ,articulate and intelligent.
    can't agree more they are so slow ,i reach the end before them

    2]i'm not too sure bout u but among the chinese,pieces of gold may come flying out

    3]we malaysians are pretty anal

    That was YEARS back, YET they still have the same type of souveniers being sold at the Central market right up till TODAY!!!!!!

    now now now,u are being judgemental here.these guys are on all 12 cylinders ready to roar out to join the canggih manggih club.BUT our minister wants them to showcase our traditional handicraft[coconut keychain] as part of our national cultural identity

    that's all i have to say about that-Forrest Gump