Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween @ District9, Singapore

Picture Galore for the next few posts! This is my roomie MsCarmen, Emyline (I think thats how you spell her name) who came down to party and SportyBunny!

I feel short

Part of the main cast.
And yes. That IS Carmen. Before transformation.
My on-screen hubby is on my other side. EdmundChen @ Michael

The "bitch" who slept with my on-screen hubby. See her left cheek? With red marks? Kate slapped her there.
(in real life? she's really a sweet young (hot) lady)

After the second day of shoot.
The girl next to me is Malaysian actress Sue Tan. She plays Magnum-ina PI in the show. That's Max(i) the darling PimpDad who creates angst among the high society and of course, the ever gorgeous Ms Soo all wrapped up.

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