Monday, October 30, 2006

Where She has been!

I just got back from a very intersting 'working holiday'.Feeling tired, slightly disoriented but happy. Details to be blogged real soon but in the meantime, hello everyone! Missed blogging. The hotel that they put us in had no biz centre -- but I should have brought mr lappytoppy with me anyway-- many a times, I was inspired to write. Got acquainted to many interesting people -- became steadfast friends with a few. How time flies when you are having 'fun'! Funny, I miss Singapore already!

Oh well, fingers cross!


  1. hi KATE IKING
    i read with utmost disdain that u were presented with a Samsung Ultra [emboss as well!!!]for attending a function as a 'celebrity'.Can't hold it back any longer.why aren't doctors and nurses presented with hp as well since being contactable is a matter of life and death.HEY u large conglomerate get your priority right!!!

    Reason why i do not think u are a CELEBRITY
    1]u did not accidentally expose ur tits on national tv during prime time although u have ample opportunity on TBS[yeah,yeah,yeah it's not prime time,at least it's national]ala Janet Jackson
    2]when u announced your marriage,did u notice paparazzi stalking u or tv network queueing up out your house hoping to sign a contract to televise LIVE the ceremony?and if they do squeeze every dime out of them
    3]yeah i know u adopted an "'african'poodle" BUT an african kid is the way to go since it causes a transcontinental uproar ala Madonna

    in Mr.Hyde mood

    on a brighter side with the haze lifting a bit i guess u are a CeLeBrItY since Mediacorp chauffered u back with a biggo bus.I am glad u did not feel marginalised in singapore and yeah it's true DAphne is so retro and Ah Mah.Kate is soooooooo vogue,fits u to a T.aren't u glad u have new friends to show u the path of CELEBRITY.try not to forget us the malaysian.
    Malaysia-[1]Dr.M recorded his conversation with Pak Lah ala CIA/KGB style
    [2]LRT did a Holly+Bollywood stunt

    oh yeah get the Singlish in pronto

    Dr.Jekyll mood
    Glad u are back

  2. Glad you are back babe :D Woot! Will the show be avail in Malaysia?

  3. Dear orang sabah,

    hi there....orang sarawak sitok...haha...okie okie i really enjoy being reading your blog, especially on the title of orang sabah/orang sarawak.....true and as true it can be, we do really have a tight bond even on first meet eh....

    anyway, you wish to be aunt agony? i got one for!!!!!!yea, got butted out form a relationship last week and it kills me like hell....if u ada masa, sila gi my not as cool as yours but hehe.....that's where i vent out my frustration, my sadness and everything.....just ot get over this jerk...hahah....okie then, thank you for reading....

  4. hello ..hello!

    1. DareDevil8...??
    2. Not sure if they're gonna show it in Msia..not sure if we're going ahead with the whole season first thing first! ha ha ha...hence, fingers cross!
    3. Will read your blog...aunt agony. Coolio...


  5. Sigh sigh, why did you have to go ahead and get attached so quick, sigh sigh :P

  6. guess my 10 fingers were running wild all over the keyboard.