Monday, October 16, 2006

This is dedicated to my fellow sabahans

I had the opportunity of getting acquainted to this beautiful, energetic, lean lady when I clinched a deal with 3 stripes a few months back. What attracted me most about her was her sincerity and her loud hairdo (she has tamed her curls since then). I was surprised to know after the third meeting that she was 'one of my kind'...even more surprised that Nazzie Boy was the one who broke this news to me (rather arrogantly; "you didn't know she's Sabahan meh?") All Saints junior of mine -- and we share mutual friends. Kool Bananas!

Anyway, today I sent her an email pertaining to a discount card that I HAVE NOT YET RECEIVED *grumble* grumble* hint* hint* and signed off (my quirky self) 'rainbow laughter' --- her reply? A (sincere) scarcastic...MATIIII JUGAK.....Man...I have'nt heard that being 'said' in yonks!

So yeah....its a very Sabahan lingo -- it made me realize just how much I miss home. Immediately wrote an email to my sister, Michelle and took a quick look at the pictures of my KK good pals; BB, (Dr) Livia, Lena and Leena.


BB, Livia, Lena and I formed a group called the THE NERDS when we were in Form 1 (being in Science stream and all lasted till Form 5...thought it was quite a happening name..geeeez) Leena was labelled 'ekor' simply cause the maximum number of members was 4, but because she kept 'ekoring' us anyway...( or rather, we would use her house to mandi after sports practice-- she had 'every right to be a nerdian' with us.

These are the people who swear that I have not changed since Constantine gave me (dead) flowers with a err...'nice' poem (u r rare as the rarest forest!), since I put minyak kapak on Cikgu Maureen's chair, since I helped Elisha choreograph the Sheena Easton number for Teacher's Day, since I became the annoying brat (JV with ClaireSinsua to lastik unfortunate ppl with my self made elastic gun -- Cikgu Ramlan selalu kena), since I sneaked into my sister's prefect logbook to find out when spotchecks were going to be conducted, so I can tell friends from Perdagangan I & II to be careful with their illegal barang.

Aiyoh...baca balik my last para-- I was not really an obedient student was I?


Anyway,I have noticed that the Sabahans and Sarawakians are a tight bunch. When I found out that AnnaR was a Sabahan, I immediately found myself embracing a protective wall for her (although I know deep inside, if we ever got involved in a fight, she would be the one kicking ass to protect me) and the typical Sabah lingo came naturally when talking to her -- physically or virtually.

And this goes the same for any Sabahans/Sarawakians out there.

Bah...cukuplah tu...Matii jugak mau tulis this blog entry yang so over! Punya wap!

Rainbow laughter, skipping on the dandelions and whistling to the sound of the breeze...

70s lingo


  1. I'm proud to be one. Nda kan hilang "Sabahan" di dunia. :D

  2. Funny you said Sarawakians and Sabahans are a tight bunch.It's so So true...

  3. hi daphne...being a friend of annaR..i would agree with what you say about her..its true!!! and i guess the 'matii jugak' phrase is kinda like her trademark already!! and thanks to her that i found your blog and simply love it!! bah okay...power to the sabahans!!

  4. I know....for sabahans (& sarawakians) its like we have a CHOP on our foreheads saying "hey..we're from Borneo!" kan?

    Im quite good at spotting a sabahan/ sarawakian, so thats why i was surprised when Naz told me she was sabahan!


  5. it's also the other way around for 'orang malaya' in borneo ..

  6. :p Si Ayam is the cutest little ciku around... wakakak... Ayam dun whack me ok? Anywayz Daph, nice bumping into you during the event. Just to let u know that I am like kinda tipsy after the 2nd sip of bubbly cuz I am like drinking on an empty stomach and bubblies are evil!

    YES! I was talking to you half tipsy.. wahahha.. :p

    Kool Bananas.. OMFG.. that's so retro :p

  7. uh huh. bangga eh jadi urang sabah. we r so proud of u la Daphne. u still have ur sabahan accent. which is a good thing but sometimes u juz have 2 blend-in wit kl pnya language. they dont quite understand our accent but aramaitii la. sabah will always be in u. tatap.