Monday, October 9, 2006

Not yet a woman

My baby girl is no longer a little girl anymore....I came home to see blood everywhere on the floor. The first thing in my mind -- "what have you done to poor Afro?" And then I saw China-- big-eyed and excited to see us home. She has been ill for the past few days, vomitting and not taking her food-moping under my bathroom sink- so to see her in her 'usual' self made me forget the potential 'harm' she (and Brazil) could have done to the baby in the house. I carried her and smelt her puppy breath. And that's when I noticed her bloody privates. I shrieked.

"Boy! She's on heat! She's on heat!"

I quickly checked the 'insides' to confirm. Yup. She was on heat. So fast! She's still a pup. I smsed loved ones on my recent discovery. I am so proud of her. But I am worried too. She's probably about 8years old (human years)-- perhaps less. I can't allow her to get preggers. I am going to get her some sanitary doggy pads I've seen at Pet Safari tommorrow. Don't laugh. I am serious.

I cried a tear when I remembered her this small (pix above). It seemed like only yesterday that I took pity on her and carried her home from the pet shop. Afro is just slightly smaller than how China was when I first took her. And to think, in a few months time, Afro too will reach puberty. I dare not look Brazil in the eye (or rather, in his ehems...) now. Please. Let's leave this mummy to still think of him as a baby boy . He can't even wipe his snot properly.

I can be a granmama. Eew.

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  1. yeah so does the mummies of the two 'baby boys' of the Columbine shooting.
    sounds a bit morbid,not meant to be though