Sunday, October 22, 2006

What topic would interest you more?

Need to contribute an article for the mag column. Should start working on it. I'm randomly choosing a working title to work on (lazy way out). Help me choose (from this list or "yours') Thanks!

1. Of fake cups and rhinoplasty
2. Its ok to burp and fart girl...
3. Amidst diamonds and pearls...
4. Being Aunt Agony
5. whats wrong the matter now?
6. Why can't I use my Adidas on the red carpet?
7. Chinese Whispers...

So, mana satu?


  1. 1]plastic? should be
    'Of fake boobs and rhinoplasty'
    interesting indeed,guess it's a rage,will be interesting to explore the insecurity of the mind

    2]it's definitely ok.but is it ok to perform a Grammy Award 'Sound of Music' burp n fart combo in enclosed place????

    3]excellent idea.u can try out lots of D n P under the pretense of research for your article.chances of finding D n P that u fancy for your wedding is greater

    4]Pleeeeeeeeeeeease.your reader will suffer in agony

    5]is that a taunt?

    6]rules of thumb when it's a matter of red carpet-red carpets are meant to be bruised by stilletoes not pressed by Adidas .

    7]Do u meant that Procter and Gamble actually had a female napkin solely for chinese?Lock in a lot more flow?Anatomical defect?

    my preference?
    how i try to weasel out of an assignment by begging for contribution in the cyberworld

  2. I agree with Stingrayz, I'd go with No. 4. But my spin on it would be who does Aunt Agony turn to when AA wants to moan? :) - Amelia

  3. no.2. because celaka sham likes to fart under the covers while i'm sleeping!

  4. Frankly...

    I'm not sure. I think, not in the lists. Off the lists, I choose...

    Something can create issues, or something that make you SOOOO enthusiastic, and...errr... well... something that can create pleasure... dont misunderstood.. what they say... something nude, but not naked.. hehe (skala 18sx da ni)...

    and of course something can make money...indirectly or VV.

    Just my OPI.

    If it is to be,
    it is up to me (you)

    :@) :D my favorite smileys in YM