Thursday, October 19, 2006

I have found someone new...

She (finally) admitted that she has found someone new in her life and she will be leaving her husband for that somebody else.

It came as a shock cause they seemed like the perfect pair and noone, but those really close to her ,knew just how far from truth that was.

I was given an assignment to write about love triangles. I turned it down. I chose something 'safer' -- learning to ride a bike when u r 44. *yawn*

I don't condone love triangles but I DO believe that love /lust/a mixture of both love&lust relationships such as those has its very own (selfish?) reason(s) -- I found this out on homeground and its a painful experience for most, but if you look deeper into the root of the (problem), there's a scary and saddening, almost pathetic reason behind it.

Naz and I were on shoot today. We were invited to be on this new reality show as juries for 2 episodes. As we were goofing around (whatelse is new?) whilst talking to one of the contestants, we realized just how 'normal' it is when someone tells us --" parents have split up"

"Oh" (shrug) was our response to this.

Dulu...bukan main lagi!

" wanted to spend sometime near nature, so he er...sort of moved out of the house...and my parents do their own thing"

*cue- splitsville for parents*

Now its:-

" parents are divorced. Staying with his new gf who's about the same age as me...just 4 years older..."
(nonchalent shrug..conversation carries on) more of the drama...

"Are u ok? Poor thing ..(HUG) Of COURSE he's a dickhead....! But I don't think cutting off his penis is going to do anyone good!"

New age lingo.


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