Friday, October 20, 2006

My hump my hump my hump!


WOKE UP TO SEE BRAZIL ( MY BABY BOY MALTESE) HUMPING MY ELDEST GIRL CHINA (WHO IS NOT ON HEAT ANYMORE BTW!) * heat=doggy lingo for bitches who are ready to get humped*


Screamed my lungs out to Boboy (hence no more suara) when I caught them in action. EEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

I know in doggy world, its considered normal, but for someone who sees them as their 'mummy', its just so gross and incest-like. I am going to kurung Brazil and Afro together. (Afro is a girl, but she keeps shitting everywhere, hence the need to kurung her)...At least till China is officially off humping mode.

On doggie matters, my mother is trying to find a 'wife' for her mongrel (horny) son 'Tuyu'. I would of offered China, but we live a sea apart, so the last time I was in KK, we went to Gaya street to look for a potential (pretty) wife for Tuyu. My sister Michelle, being a picky fart, found Nodog deserving enough for that smelly mutt (he has some skin disease and smelly one kind!) so we came back bitchless.

(then) mum has 3 male dogs. All strays btw. Barung & Barung (yes, they have the same name cause my brother Mozes was too lazy (or did he think it was cool?) to name both male dogs Barung. They are the neighbourhood watchdogs, occasionally coming 'home' to wag at mummy and wander off to jaga the small community. Then Damian (youngest Iking) and Michelle found Tuyu somewhere hiding under the rain. No bulu and my siblings took pity on him. Now, his fur has grown and I must admit, he is quite handsome. Smelly, but handsome. AND HORNY! I've been told that he humps the furniture and if you stretch your arms to pat him, he clings on to your arm and starts humping away.

Sooo....mother dearest took pity on his horny hormones and decided to look for a wife for him. Since Michelle didnt like the ones in Gaya Street, mum took matters to her own hands.

Mum got news from a friend that she had a potential pretty wife for Tuyu. But she has to take 2 of them. Mum was given the impression that they were of pedigree breed.


Not only were they smelly,kampung dogs, one of them was already pregnant!

ha ha ha.

That dog gave birth to 4 pups, and mum has decided to take on the 2 males pups "because they are ki-ut".

So NOW, mum has 2 Barungs, 2 non pedigree bitches (don't know their names), 2/4 male pups and STILL one VERY HORNY TUYU.


Ewww....Brazil is at it again. Need to stop blogging to put Brazil in jail for the time being.

(Mas, u want to lend smookums? =) )

Sigh...when you are horny..what do you do?

a) tahan
b) Masturbate
c) have sex lor... (only if you are legally married of course...) duh... *angel*

*shock horror*


  1. Reminds me of Adam Sandler's dog humping on that duck in 'CLICK'.. damn funny! :D

  2. hang ini betul-betul 'Pakar Coitus Interruptus'.bagilah privacy sedikit dan jika nak marah pun marahlah selepas 'kerja' dah siap.fruss betulah tinggal sebumbung dengan Makcik Doubtfire ini.

    are u advocating incest?.It's perplexing.from breaking up Brazil n China bersetubuh[voluntary incest] to forced incest of Brazil and Africa[kurung Brazil and Afro together]

    the animal u describe are a pretty smelly lot,sure they are 7 dogs not 7 SKUNKS????

  3. the horny questionairre
    i don't have an answer as well.i guess i'm equally as confuse as u.

    And please, bulan ramadhan ,bulan yang mulia ini tolong jangan promote beastialism between a dog and cat!

    a]tahan-heard of any dam which can hold back water without releasing a single drop?

    b]masturbate-just too many subdivision in this category
    .i guess just a simple HAND SHAKE is passe.need an expert from the canggih manggih society to address

    c]have sex lor..-now do u know why u are a typical Ah Moi?the phrase here is 'make LOVE'

    ANGELs are never horny.go figure

  4. Err...dowan be grandma, neuterlah the doggies. Else if something happens to you, who will look after their progeny? My personal opinionlah, some people just don't like the idea of 'fixing' their dog.

    A friend neutered her golden retriever because it was so badly behaved. Now he's a much less destructive mutt.