Sunday, October 15, 2006

Pictures:Bali Part I

For those visiting Bali - try booking a villa instead of a room -- especially good if you are coming in a big group. Go to As my trip to Bali was an impromtu trip (whatelse is new?), we had very limited choices in our villas so we stayed at Villa Chempaka the first night.

Woke up early to read and enjoy the morning breeze HERE while waiting for cook to prepare our breakfast. Yes. The villa comes with your own personal butler, maid, gardener and chef.

(again) My pictures are not placed in random order. Full moon when I left KL. (Mooncake festival). I gazed at the moon and wondered how many people were gazing at the moon the very same time.

Ha ha ha.

Boboy & Edward enjoying the wine siput.
Ok...the dish has a more canggih name in French, but can't remember. Basically its siput lala in wine sauce.

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