My Germain strap is melting! WHY???? Vlog 19/2016

Good customer service is so crucial in sustaining client-customer relations!

The strap of a new handbag made a mess on my vintage kebaya top. Found out the glue bits of the strap had come out.

Find out how Louis Vuitton handled my case.

My normally cynical husband cum manager was equally impressed and used another US brand as a benchmark for Go Pro to improvise on quality and sustainability of their products.

Aki is in town to see his youngest Odu and guess what he craves for first?

Music by L Cohn "Fly in Your Funk"


  1. A few days ago, my hands got gooey,sticky and black.My long sleeve white blouse had black stuff almost like tar. It was from melting handle of the Louis Vuitton purse's handles edge-glue(the lock style)I received as a gift on Christmas 2015. It was hard to clean the handle off the black stuff.Leather cleaner did not help,the blouse and my sticky hand...I seriously need to know what to do with the expensive item(I did not pay, my daughter did)

  2. I hope you have returned your bag to LV. I had a similar experience and returned my bag after using it for 2 and a half years, but they recognised that it was a design fault and replaced it without quibbling.


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