My vloging experience so far

I've just uploaded VLOG 15/2016 last night (will embed Vlog 3 onwards in a bit on this post) which literally means, I've video logged for 15 days in a row now! Yipee!

Let me tell you it is not easy committing to it. Sometimes, I forget to record or if I do, I have all this footage by night fall and I stay up till late to edit and publish it.

But I've noticed that I'm applying my technical basic know how again... have been rusty since leaving ntv7's Bella a year wait! I left Bella almost 2 years ago now!

I honestly don't know how long I will be doing this on a daily basis ... let's just see. I am keen on taking up a graphic course ... not sure where I can get this done (Any recommendations?)


Need to go for a quick jog. Love & Light!

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