I am so MARAH.

A domestic helper from our block was found dead trying to escape from her employer who apparently abused her. She tried to climb 11 floors down from her window using tied linen and a hose. The self-made rope gave way and she fell down and died.

When the police arrived, my own helper and her gang of bibiks told me that they would often see the victim gesturing for help from the window when were downstairs at the park.
The body was malnourished and there was speculation that she was too weak to hold on tight to the rope, hence her fall.
I heard there was not enough evidence to bring the employers to court (as the only witness was the deceased victim).
I told bibik that she should have told me this earlier but she and her gang didn't think much about it as "kami indak mahu kacau hal rumahtangga orang lain".
However, when bibik saw a new maid doing the very same gesture the following weeks after the death of victim number 1, she immediately told me and I went over to the house to investigate.
As I could not see or hear anything, I went and made a report to the management team. The manager told me the police had spoken to the male employer who admitted his wife was having some sort of breakdown but denied abusing their help.
I had mentioned this incident to some other persons including my manicurist who comes over and does my nails at my house.
Coincidently, on the day I told my manicurist about the "jumping maid incident", she bumped into the new employee/helper and managed to find out she was being abused.
A few days later, the whole family moved away.
To cut the long story short, victim number two was rescued and I think the police nabbed the couple.
Had bibik came to me earlier, a life could have been saved.
Sometimes, we need to be "kepoh" and not have a "tidak apa" attitude.
I stand united against Crime with MARAH.
Here's a different story I would like to share on why I am onboard with MARAH.


  1. Very true. Agree with you Daphne!

  2. Daphne,how about parents abusing children?

  3. Daphne,I am currently very weak,fragile and sick.im being abused by my parents.can you help!!im afraid I will die in my house!!


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