My Review about the GM Diet Day 1 to 3

So, I’ve decided to try this GM Diet that many friends have been raving about. My sister actually did it a few times before her wedding and lost a considerably huge amount of weight. The downfall is that this is a detox program, and to achieve  longer results, [ unfortunately ], at the end of the day, it boils down to discipline in eating right and getting at least 3 workouts in a week. There’s no other way but that.

I was skeptical about this because I’m not a huge fan of fad diets. But after coming home from our trip to South Africa, I had gained 4 kilos in 18days and was feeling super bloated!

With the bride and groom Mr & Mrs Boden with Ferhat Nazri and my LOML at Kruger Park South Africa

When I saw a guy friend of mine post pictures of himself after the diet, I was convinced that if he could do it, I could. I spoke to a few girlfriends to do it together but apart from Mas, the rest didn’t want to – yet.

It was on Wednesday itself that I decided we had to do it and it had to start the very next day (cause I was off to Bali on the 13th). So, I told my husband that night and he was surprisingly very supportive (normally, he would say “nonsense all these diets! You will hurt yourself” but he didn’t… so yay!)
There are a lot of sites that teaches one to do the GM Diet, but I went on the actual GM Diet website to make sure I was doing it right.

Day 1: Friday 6th February, 2015

The night before, I was yakking away with a friend and forgot that I needed to stock my fridge up with fruits.

So before my yoga class at 1030am, I found a green apple and jambu to fill me up. Drank loads of water and off for yoga.
That's my friend and yoga teacher. Atilia. She is the original Yaya. Now they have 3 branches. Fuh. 

10:00am: Class was a little bit more advanced than usual. I was feeling shaky all over, especially when doing the “fallen angel” pose. I did one headstand before giving in to exertion.  Drank water.

11:30 am: Had leftover of cut apple and jambu. Placed some raisins in the container that I brought with me to class and drank 750ml of water

12:00 pm: Had my Stripjuice Grapefruit juice.

12:10 pm: Was feeling very light-headed. Took a nap.
1:00   pm: Had Stripjuice Promegranate juice before heading out to get groceries done
4:00   pm: Had a cup of cut watermelon
4: 30  pm: Had a bottle of Stripjuice Orange.
7:00   pm: Had ¼ watermelon, ¼ honeydew, 1/5 papaya. Felt so full . Couldn’t eat my red apples.

My husband shares some fruit with me. He's on a juicing diet.

8:30   pm: Stripjuice Grape (1/2 bottle)
9:00   pm:  Rubbed my essential oils on my neck and soles of feet. Was so tired. Slept right away.

Day 1 completed. Yay.

Day 2: Saturday 7th February, 2015
It’s all about vegetables today! I’m allowed to eat starchy vegetables too. The site recommends sweet potatoes for those living in the tropics. I wonder if Corn is a starchy vege? Will google it later. Cause bibik boiled corn for me. And I can’t resist corn.

7:15  am: 1 sweet potato & a glass of water
7:30  am: Yoga at Central Park with Lay Gaik. Light session

9:00  am: Collected my vegetable juices from La Juiceria, Sri Hartamas.

Had a swig of the Cilantro Celery Punch (admittedly it is not pure vege. This drink had Apples too)

9: 30  am: Had a cob of corn. Feeling ok. Not hungry. Just peckish. Cause when I’m at my desk, I’m normally with sweets or biscuits. Bad habit I know. Since I can’t nibble on my raisins, will go prepare my brocolli and sawi for early lunch.

12:30 pm: Ate my Broccoli and saw. Drank my Goodness Greens from La Juiceria. Was feeling a bit lethargic now. I took some Peace and Calm YL essential oils and massaged it over my temples and neck. Took a quick nap.

(That's why I recommend friends to start this diet on a weekend, cause the first two days are really hard)

4:30 pm: I nibbled on some lettuce and another bottle of Goodness Greens Juice.

6:00 pm: Had sawi and broccoli again. Feeling really sleepy again. Bathed and was in bed by 8:30pm

Day 2 completed. Yay!

Day 3: Sunday 8th February, 2015

Woke up really early and went to weigh myself after taking a swig of water from my water bottle.

I have lost 1.2kilos!

Feeling determined, did some light breathing exercises after subuh prayers and prodded downstairs to make my breakfast.

7:00 am: A glass of warm water. Boiled cabbage and watermelon.

8:00 am: Drank a bottle of Stripjuice Grapefruit

9:00 am: Ate 1/4 of watermelon

Packed my La Juiceria Beet Aid juice and some cherry tomatoes out in case I got peckish while on the go.

12:30 pm: Had Japanese lunch after dropping kids off at Laura's birthday party

Vegetable Teppanyaki. Yum!(Picture from internet. Was so hungry, I forgot to take pic)

I was not supposed to eat beans because it's high in calories, but I love them, plus they're still considered vege, so I cut myself some slack here. (pic from internet)
1:30 pm: Feeling more energised (did not feel sleepy today!). Went to get my stock of almond milk from StripJuice at Jalan Telawi, Bangsar. I met Nicole for the first time. She's so pretty!(She didn't want her pictures taken though. )

Grapejuice for the hubs. Iman loves it too!

Went to take the girls to visit the late Tunku Abdul Rahman's museum and residence.

5:00 pm: We came home and I was feeling peckish. Drank my Grapefruit and decided to prepare a healthy wrap for hubs. (When I prepare food or bake, I don't feel as hungry. Weird I know, so I had to get my hands busy to ease my mind off the cookies on the counter). Ate half a Washington apple.

5:45 pm: I had my cabbage and cauliflower soup dinner. Felt full. More energised. Felt like I could head down to the gym for a 30 minute run. Decided against it to blog the day so I won't forget.

8:53 pm: Drank my Pom juice from Strip juice. Heading to bed.

Day 3 completed. Yay!


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