Wednesday, February 11, 2015

GM Diet - Daphne Iking Day 4 & 5

Hello there! I completed Day 4 yesterday and blogging about Day 4 & 5 (almost there Pon!) in this post.

So, here's what I ate & felt yesterday. Ordered my almond milk from Stripjuice Jalan Telawi, Bangsar the day before (Sunday)

GM Diet Day 4: Monday 9th February

I felt much more energised as per what the website said. The night before, I didn't crash as soon as I hit the pillow, which has normally happened to me over the past few days. I watched a movie with hubby and eventually fell asleep.

Woke up at 6am feeling a bit sleepy but energised. I don't know how one can possibly be sleepy and energised at the same time. On hindsight, it is probably my daily body clock used to waking up this early now that the jetlag has gone OR yes. I'm sleepy (mind is sleepy cause it knows it didn't get as much sleep as usual) but body was recharged (thanks to detox) ?

Decided to get my exercise done for the day since I skipped any form of exercise the day before. Just a light jog for about 20 minutes.

8:00 am: One banana, 250 ml of Stripjuice Pure Almond milk and a bowl of soup

(My soup: Large onion, 1/5 of cabbage, a tomato, some sawi, one large red pepper, 2 stalks of celery. Boil them together. I still have enough soup for the  next day)

Took a bowl (medium size) of soup for breakfast

9:30 am: Off for shoot

12:00 pm: Ate the banana and drank my almond juice I had with me on location. Felt the hunger pangs coming in fast. Thank God I brought my food with me.

1:00 pm: Went shopping to buy my beef and tomatoes for tomorrow's diet. Was feeling very happy I could have something else than the vegetable soup (which tastes  pretty ok actually, but there's only so much vegetables one can eat without rice. For me at least)

Even though I was excited for Day 5 (this motivated me to tahan Day 4), I am not a huge fan of red meat. So I checked the GMDiet for vegetarians and for Indians and noticed they do allow fish and a bit of rice. So, I ended up buying a pack of salmon avocado sushi for breakfast tomorrow.

1:30 pm: I  accompanied my husband for his lunch of sushi. He is on a juicing diet, but eats sushi to complement his diet. It's not fair how he loses weight faster, but he's hardcore clocking at least 6kms a day. (But, refuses to do a marathon with me , "waste of time"..weird huh? ) He had his detox drink and sushi, and I thought I'd cheat a bit by having a shot of wheatgrass juice.

2: 30 pm: Another bowl of soup. Was really struggling to finish it. Smelt bibik's (the helper) nasi with sardine. Yummy! (Hmm..maybe I can have sardine on Day 5? But without rice, macam tak best, kan?)

3:00 pm: Another bottle of almond milk and half a banana (cause Iman ate the rest).

5:45 pm: Another bowl of soup with a glass of low fat milk.

9:00 pm: Was feeling peckish hungry. Downed it with water. Watched The Grammy's repeat. Slept halfway.

Yay! Day 4 complete!

GM Diet Day 5: Tuesday 10th February

6:30 am: Woke up sleepy but slightly happy I get to cook my burger patty (no bread!) today. Got the girls ready for school and went to bathe and pray. One glass of water. Checked my weight. I've lost an additional 400gms. I always check at the same time each day. Right after I woken up, peed and drank water. Cause our body fluctuates throughout the day, and it can be quite demotivating when you see the weight go up and down.

  ** Take note that if you are working out, you may be surprised to see that you feel leaner and clothes seems to fit you better, but you are gaining weight. That's what happened to me when I as working out at Bodytone, Solaris. I can't wait to start back. Perhaps after CNY will sign up again**.

Working out at Bodytone Solaris Branch. This was before I my procedure. =( Had to rest awhile. Need to get back there.

I may be losing water mass. That's what most people are saying. They could be right, so I make sure I drink more water -- but I do feel leaner and smaller around the waist.

So total loss for today is 1.6kilos. Not as much as I thought to be honest. Nevermind. I shall continue!

7:45 am: Had my salmon avocado sushi. Sorry. I was hungry so I only have the 'after' picture.

12:00 pm: Had one 3" burger patty (grilled) with 5 grilled cherry tomatoes (I prefer them cause they're sweeter) and a quarter thinly sliced zucchini

Drank loads of water in between** Kept a reminder on my phone.

6:00 pm : This was where I sort of broke my GM diet a bit because we were out shopping and I was so hungry (didn't expect to take this long as it was an impromptu outing after taking my car from the workshop) so I had 2 ikean salmon balls and 1/4 bite of hubby's karipap =(

Bought my ikea meatball sauce to complement my dinner at home

7:30 pm: Had 4 2 1/2" meatballs with a bit of ikea meatball sauce with 6 tomatoes. Drank another 2 glasses of water

9:00 pm: Slept like a baby after completing my Grammy's repeat (which was quite disappointing to be honest)

Yay! Day 5 complete!

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