Friday, December 26, 2014

Allah knows best

I wasn't sure,
But I knew you were there,
I wasn't sure,
How he would would react to my share.

The wobbly nights,
Don't know why they call it the morning blues,
The rocky nights,
It wasn't me, it was you.

The days passed on,
I saw the lines,
Mixed emotions swirled on,
It was time.

I could love another,
There was never a doubt,
Cause' I'm a two-time mother,
I could continue that route.

Ecstatic I was,
But Allah knows best,
The red drops flooded fast,
And my fears weren't attest.

Allah knows best,
It is time to heal,
Allah knows best,
It's painful, but it is sealed.

Allah knows best.
Allah knows best.
Allah knows best.


  1. Salam Daphne..happy Xmas holiday. Thanks for sharing the above and I believe all of us read as many times as possible before we really know and digest the true meaning. Allah is with us 24/7 and will always have time for us at anytime, anywhere and any place. However, sadly some of us do not have time for Him and only pray when we want something or in troubles. In other words, we only pray when we are in bad times, but seldom pray to Him when we are in good times, but we have time to enjoy our lives as if there will be no tomorrow! Today is our very important Friday appointment with Him in an hour's time and let's change our attitude and spend more time with our one God, ie Allah swt.

  2. Assalam Kak Daphne

    Allah SWT does knows best..
    Best wishes to you in any situation you are in.
    InsyaAllah things will be better since everything that happens is for a reason..

    Salam kak..