I went for a run yesterday and noticed so many friendly faces and kind acts but I didn't have my phone with me to take impromptu pictures. (Going digital is amazeballs!)

So this morning, I decided to take my husband's GoPro during our daily run to test something out.

Based on my article in The Star Metro last Friday, I wrote about Malaysians growing to be a bunch of untrusting folks.

Clad with my GoPro and unsteady hands, I went two rounds not smiling but taking shots of random folks.

a. Either they thought I was a mad jogger (highly likely) or b. an extreme vain jogger who has taken selfie shots of herself jogging... to a whole new level!

The final three rounds, I smiled and waved.
And guess what?

Yup...you guessed it!

(sorry for the shakiness of the shots).