Monday, July 21, 2014

Wanna win a Glamorous day out with me?

Want to accompany me for the ultimate makeover and shopping spree? Here's how!
Upload a creative selfie with your Blackberry device onto  and tell us how your Blackberry device keeps you connected in less than 20 words, from until 21 August.

Easy right?
This is the #StopMissingOut #BlackberryMY website

Raring to unleash your glamorous side? Win a half-day glamourous outing with me!

How to enter? 1) Snap a picture of yourself with your Blackberry device
2) Write a creative entry in less than 20 words about how your Blackberry keeps you connected
3) Submit your entry to us before the 21st August

I can't wait to meet the lucky winner!

Hurry and participate now!

Blackberry user since 2004.

 xoxo, Daphne Iking


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