Thursday, July 3, 2014

Oh my Minister...

I am hoping what some of our Ministers have been quoted on saying/doing, is being taken out of context.

I've done my share of feeding the homeless and it was an eye-opening experience for me.

I spoke to one lad, who slept on his laptop bag (yes with a laptop inside!) at the benches of Pudu Raya Station. He shied away from us, but I eventually managed to convince him to take the toiletries and food from me.

Sat down with him. Saw his "office clothes" hung neatly on the bench too. He told me that he works as an executive at an office nearby. He was soft-spoken and shy, but opened up upon hearing I was from Sabah.

"Sia pun urang Sabah bah. Sia kerja sana XXX tapi mahal bah sewa sini. Ada sia pernah sewa bilik, tapi macam lain bah tu urang...mankali gangster...sia tidak rasa senang. Sia keluar lah. Tapi sejak itu, sia tidak dapat cari sewa bilik  yang sia bulih mampu... bila sia nampak ok juga bah tempat ni..asal bulih tidur bah. Sia cuci baju sia sana laundrat. Ada itu tandas sana bawa kalau mahu mandi kah..apa-apa"

I asked if his family knew about his whereabouts.

"Sia malu bah mau kasitau sia tinggal macam ni. Nanti durang risau. Kesian itu urang tua sia. Biarlah...habis sia jugak yang mahu datang sini KL. Mau cari kerja lah kunun sini KL. Habis bah duit sia mau terbang sini. Start new life lah kunun."

My heart broke as he thanked me for the toiletries.

"ada sisir lagi tu...sia punya sisir ngam ngam patah ni pagi. Thanks ah?"

My then boyfriend and his son Ariff was with me that night. I contained my tears.

Dear Minister(s),

To me, what sickens me are the syndicates who uses young babies, crippled folks (probably due to their doings) and blind people to beg for money for them.

Please do something about them first.

Let's be compassionate especially during this Holy Month. It's not the kind hearted NGOs who have been feeding and empowering the homeless and poor who needs to be kicked out. It's the crooks.




UPDATE: Friday 4th July, 2014

This is Tengku Adnan's response to his (misconstrued?) statement with regards to the homeless and the soup kitchens.

Timecode: 13:45 - 32:58 (Thanks Endie Shazlie for sharing this video with me).

Yes, it is the syndicates we need to address and fix first. Those bloody crooks. But I think he should have stopped after explaining the syndicate bit. (Sir, that is why you are such an easy target).

So, if you haven't seen the whole interview; please do so.

Ada some bits quite.the.funny.also. He does make some valid points though. SOME. (Pasal the garbage bit. Again.Quite.the.funny).

"like you people lah...wanna whack me..I know".


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  2. My oh my dear daphne. I am so touched with this sharing. Yup. Deal with the syndicate first. Leave these genuine cases alone. All these ministers got to do is to just spend one whole week, come down n be with the soup kitchen ON HIS OWN to really empathise this senario. :'(

  3. He is so untung jumpa u Daphne. Maybe u can bring him to Pusat Zakat, seeking some help...maybe. jgn durang byk birokrasi sudah la kan. Aduii...kasian.