How to Check for Scoliosis

This position of hubs with a goodlooking ang moh behind him is a rare sight.

I was alarmed when Nick to told me that girls are more likely to have scoliosis and since both Azmi and I have it, our daughters would probably have it too.

Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis is the most common type and typically occurs after the age of 10 * (resource here)

If you're daughter is 9 (boys are diagonosed slightly later), you can do your own physical examination by asking him/her to put their hands together in front and bend down.

Check if the shoulders are level, the head is centered and whether opposite sides of the body look level. Also check if one side of the rib cage is higher than the other.

What Dr Nick Broden is holding is some form of scoliosis tracker device. But you can also use the apps available on your smartphones to check (scolio track & scoliometer?).

However, Dr Nick does it for free at his clinic. Just call 03- 6204 9100 for an appointment. (He also treats colicky babies!)

I wish I had known I had scoliosis earlier. I could have worn a brace to correct it. =(  Too late now, but I can still maintain regular exercises to minimize any potential decrease in functional ability over time.

Get it checked early!