Monday, July 14, 2014

Congratulations to my TOP 3 winners of the #DWbyDaphneIking Regram contest!

Thank you to all my supportive #DWbyDaphneIking fashionistas who participated in our #DWbyDaphneIking Regram Contest! 

You have won yourselves a COMPLETE look as styled by yours truly (DWbyDaphneIking + Accessories by Kyla Ruiz + Shoes by Christy Ng).

All they needed to do is to re-gram their favourite #DWbyDaphneIking look on instagram and include the  hashtag #DWbyDaphneIking as well as to tag @doublewoot_fashion, @kylaruiz and @christyngshoes. (Terms & Conditions apply) 

Here's how I chose the winners: (It was soooo tough because all your entries were heartfelt. Some submitted a few times, other created a special IG account for it, some added creative and personal touches to their posts!)

First I compiled all the names. Viewed it over the hashtag category (#DWbyDaphneIking). For those whose IG accounts are private, the hashtag won't appear on the stream =(

Printed the list out

Cut the names out 

Okay...Iosbel helped me fold this cause I had to rush off to prepare dinner

Isobel (who is 6) chose this bowl

And here's the video announcement:

Congrats to @yanatahir, @angelating99 and @bella_nabel!

Do email us at:

Thank you soooo much. I am planning to give away 3 more consolation prizes to three more lucky winners. Stay tuned!


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  1. Cool! Congrats to all the winners^^
    Wish I still have a bit luck on the consolation prize ;)
    Cheers, Charlotte Gan