Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Take heed Blackberry users!

If you are, allow me to share some Blackberry apps that may come handy especially during this month of Ramadan.

Starting from now all the way to the 27th July, all Blackberry 10 users will enjoy a free app download every day to aid in their observation of this month's spiritual contemplation and devotion by offering a mix of Ramadan and popular apps that will be available for downlaod from Blackberry World.

More apps will be announced every week, so stay tuned ya?

Selamat menunaikan Ibadah Puasa di bulan Ramadan.




Read the Holy Quran alongside its English and Bahasa Indonesia translations. Beautifully designed to match the BlackBerry 10 UI with an outstanding user experience, the app allows users to bookmark as many ayah/verses as they want, write notes, share ayah, as well as its respective translations, with friends.
(Free for download on 10 July)
Paprika Cooking Food Recipes for BlackBerry 10
Simple cooking recipes for everyone, from aspiring cooks to professional chefs. The app includes over 10,000 recipes, nutritional information, and a powerful search tool to help users easily find any recipe by source, ingredient, or name. Sharing of recipes over BBM, email, SMS, and NFC is also enabled. 
(Free for download on 8 July)
Hill Racing
Test your skills in this physics-based car racing game. Start with a jeep, drive through dangerous hills and collect coins on the way. Collected coins can then be used to buy new cars and for upgrades, which will allow the cars to go further and faster. 
(Free for download on 9 July)
ClipMan Clipboard Manager
Try this powerful clipboard and text template manager, built for the BlackBerry 10. The app monitors your clipboard for changes and stores every text in a database. This allows users to search for text history, manage snippets, and be able to user a text from the clipboard at any time.
(Free for download on 11 July)

Down Tube for YouTube & Vimeo - Preload Videos for Later Viewing
Eliminate video buffering times for the user who’s always on the go. Once videos have been preloaded locally, users can choose to watch them at any time without the need of any Internet connection at their own convenience.
(Free for download on 12 July)

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