Saturday, June 21, 2014

V is for VAGINA Post 1

In my line of work, I only get to say VAGINA out loud when I'm referring to it medically. Otherwise, I have to refer to it as "our private area".  LOL. I find this somewhat amusing because it's not as if VAGINA is
a 'Bad' word, right?

I have a vagina. My mother has one. My two daughters have 'em. So what gives? Power to the V!

Anyhoo, I've been doing research on our Vagina's Health and found this on YouTube:

Suara VO macam kenal jer.... Atilia ke?

I'm familiar with the brand Lactacyd .. I think it's been around for yonks! What I did NOT know is they have newer products now. (Or has it always been around but I've not noticed it before?) Oh well...better late than never to be in the loop!

According to the ad: "it is made with natural milk extracts with added collagen". Hmmm.... I've heard of people wanting to plump up their face with collagen to look younger but now, it's gone a notch higher .... Bring 'em collagen on to ma lady business!

 Before I go off getting myself a whole bottle, why not grab a sample first to try it out right? 

This is how:

Easy peasy, right?

Stay tuned for more updates on my V posts. 

P/s: Here are some fun (and less crude) ways of referring to your vagina according to

I like Punani =) You?



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  1. hahahaha daphne, beaver is cute..ala ala tikus mondok gitew;)