Wednesday, May 28, 2014


In just a few days from now,  I will launch my collection with Doublewoot "DWbyDaphneIking"

It's been a hurricane of crazies since I signed the contract. My moodboard of designs that has been with me for awhile was dusted off and discussions with Heliene, Doublewoot's Creative Director on the designs  immediately took off!

After going back and forth - we have managed to finalize over 15 designs to be launched gradually in the month of June. Yay!

From long maxi dresses, to playful midi skirts and versatile tops, to elegant jumpsuits and a kurung-cum-dresses, DWbyDaphneIking has something for a very reasonable price too!

I was the first person Doublewoot engaged  in their marketing plans years back and our working relationship quickly became more than just business partners. The sibling founders are extremely dedicated and hardworking - when I finally met them face to face, I was pleasantly surprised to know how young the both were!
The reason why I wanted to work with them again is firstly, they've done remarkably well being relatively new in their online biz --  no surprise since they offer good quality apparel that is easy on the pocket. Secondly, they share the same vision and philosophy as me.

We are collaborating with Kyla Ruiz Jewellery and Christy Ng Shoes in a regram contest, where participants stand a chance to win a complete LOOK as styled by us. Details of the contest can be found on my instagram posts. Right now, we are onto LOOK 13: Introducing Livia.

(I have named my collection based on friends and families who are dear to me)

InshaAllah this will be a continual success.

Insha Allah....


Daphne Iking

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