Salt Water Flush Part 2

Yay! I did it. Here's my vlog explaining it.

My friends recommended me from colon hydrotherapy to slimming teas -- but I think this is the cheapest, most natural way to flush out the nasties. But remember to complement this with a healthy liquid diet (no meat, no processed food, no sugar, basically take lots of water, natural juices and fruits and vegetables -- I had lots of tofu too just to fill me up)

Good luck!




  1. Assalamualaikum.. does it mean during the period of this whole cleansing thingy we cant eat solid food at all?

    1. Salam Aurora, it's been advised to drink (clear) broth/soup preferbly no meats. Just vegetables and fruits and plenty of water. To cleanse the body.... it's basically an excellant way of detoxing the body. No processed foods, no carbs, no meat. Goodluck!

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  3. tq so much for the tips.. going to try it within this week.. :)


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