Friday, February 28, 2014

Feb 2014 is coming to a close

It's been awhile since I last wrote FOR the blog (usually it's copy and paste work for other platforms and/or publishers). But today, I felt like going back to the whole reason why I started blogging many years ago.

To journal my progress.

I cannot believe how fast the days are going by. I made some resolutions this year. I normally don't, but thought "what the heck?!"

1. Get back to my prepregnancy weight and be fitter
2. Give back more
3. Learn more
4. Read more
5. Expand my business

So how am I doing so far?


I am happy to say that I am 3 kilos away from my preferred weight. I feel stronger and leaner. I know some have complained about me looking gaunt -- can't go pleasing everyone ... (why does fat leave the face and boobs first and not (problem areas for me) the tummy and thighs? I can wear size XS again and squeeze nicely to S bottoms and skirts. Yay!

The fitness tracking device I bought for hubs and I, keeps us aware of our fitness regime. (He's lost 5kgs since his medical scare =( ) and has been very disciplined. We worry as both his parents had heart conditions - he is even more of health buff than I've ever been!

So I link my Jawbone UP app to MyFitnessPal. Counting calories is so much easier and fun with this app. And it gives you an idea of how much calories you are taking a day -- I am very mindful of what I eat only because I know if I eat that bar of chocolate (for instance), I have to run 7km to burn it all off. That takes at least an hour 15 minutes of jogging. Crazy right?

But naturally, the sweet tooth in me has it's days, so I've made granola bars and popped them in the fridge for those odd days. At least I know what's inside them and best thing is, no preservatives!

I am still working towards being 45kgs again, but I know my body shape will never be the same again after two children. I have no regrets. My girls bring me so much joy and strength. They are the reasons why I hang on, to what we have.

Because admittedly, with all the circus -- it's not a smooth ride.

So yes. Here's to finally getting back into a healthier lifestyle. Inside and out. InshaAllah this will continue effortlessly.


I am so humbled and blessed to be part of this Malaysians for Malaysia (M4M) initiative which started out quite simply by a group of persons who believed in simple gestures of humanitarianism to build bridges of unity, understanding and acceptance of religious pluralism. This came into plight prominently after the "Allah issue" that created frictions and discomfort amongst the Christians and the Moslems. Certain parties at least. And while some reacted by ugly protests and unkind words, we wanted to show how proper discourse and understanding is a better avenue. When there was news about a Muslim protest to take place in a Klang church early this year, M4M came to lend their support with flowers and kind words instead.

Tomorrow, my friends and I will be driving up to Kuantan to pass the funds the team raised for the rebuilding of the 12 desecrated graves that were vandalized in January this year. We aimed for half the amount to fix it (RM4800), however, with God's grace, we raised about RM 9000 plus! Alhamdulillah.

Here's the card that was beautifully designed by my friend Oya from to be presented tomorrow with the funds. Yay!

Do logon on to our M4M and like us for further updates on activities and events ya?


Learning is an ongoing process. I am excited to announce that I (groan) agreed to another season of SuperKam - the second Kam-ing with Malaysian Queen of Comedy, Joanne Kam Poh Poh and her mentee, Shamaine Othman.

I am afraid. Will go for workshops on this. First two nights are sold out.


I wish I had more time for this...but as I mentioned on my Instagram post -- you have to MAKE time for things that you love.

Bought three more books for this week. Almost done with this book called "Over-dressed: The shockingly high cost of cheap fashion".

Reading this has made me think 4 times before buying another garment to squeeze into my already full closet.


So my business partner and I have expanded into a full fledge production house. We have completed 5 episodes for Petronas' iCar project called LAUGHING GAS. That was a fun shoot. And now busy with's videos.

I have also signed on for an exciting partnership with these girls. Am so thrilled! Hope to see our dreams materialize...inshaAllah!

So yes. I am glad I'm keeping up with my resolutions from the beginning and not sitting on them as I used to.

How is your year so far?




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