Dina's Air Kunyit Jamu

On the show Bella (ntv7), I caught up with writer Dina Zaman who shared two traditional practices she learnt whilst living in Indonesia. She told me that the first (air kunyit/ tumeric concoction) helped with her endometriosis -- even her gynae was surprised when she came back for her regular check. The cysts had cleared up!

It's pretty simple to do.


Drink it 3 times a week. She makes a batch per week.


1. Tumeric (she uses about 5 medium sized 'fingers')
2. Ginger ( about a thumb size)
3. Lengkuas (about a thumb size)
4. Daun Sirih (optional) * we both don't put this in, because it's a bit "heaty"
5. Kacip Fatimah (optional) **LOL! It's ok. I pass
6. Asam Jawa (about a tablespoon)
7. Gula Melaka (for taste)
8. About a litre in a half of water

You can blend ingredients 1-5 together in a blender before boiling it with the rest but the lady who taught Dina this petua told her her it's best she "lovingly" chops the ingredients herself while uttering/wishing nice things like "pulihkan endometriosis saya... sihatkan lah tubuh badan saya...give me the strength and patience.... etc. Some berselawat.



Ginger (my fave!)

Sirih. I am going to find out if it's the betel nut or the leaf that is more potent

Kacip Fatimah

Asam Jawa

Gula Melaka 

The ONLY thing about chopping/ mashing these ingredients yourself is the natural dye from the kunyit. My gel nail polish that was once a beautiful french manicure, is now yellow stained. =(

Pop all the mashed bits into the simmering water. Add in the asam jawa and gula melaka ...wait for it to come to boil and voila! You are done!

I drank my first glass warm. I kept the leftover to cool and popped it into the fridge to drink over the next two days.

I only like my tumeric on my ayam goreng, so the colour of the drink initially turned me off. But the taste is actually quite delicious. I did feel a bit warm inside my body after consuming it. I think I will continue doing this for a month or two and see if I feel any difference to the body. (Or if I turn yellow)

Oh! Before drinking, I said Bismillahirahmanniraheem (and visualised good intentions).


This is a beautiful oil wonderful for your hair and as a massage oil.

Coconut Oil. Dina said you can buy this from the organic store (but that's pricey). Or look for it at a "Little India" area. Dina got hers from good ole' Bricksfield.

Jasmine buds. The smell is not too strong for me.

On low heat, simmer the coconut oil (pour just enough for your consumption. It's best to make and use the minyak melor "fresh"). Add in your Jasmine buds and stir it in till you smell a nice fragrant of both coconut and the jasmine. Becareful not to burn the oil.

Delicious smell that is wonderful for body, mind and soul. 

Hope this helps?

Let's stay healthy...the natural (cheaper) way.




  1. My grandma will make sure I drink this "juice" at least once a month especially after period. She add on daun pegaga & buah delima.


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