My LASIK experience

Many asked over instagram/FB how was my LASIK experience. I promised to blog about it -- FINALLY had some time to do it.


I have had bad vision since I was a young girl. And then it got worst over time -- I was a book worm and would often read with a torch when I was supposed to be asleep. In senior highschool, my mother allowed me to wear contact lenses. I had to wear the "hard" type ones (cheaper I suppose). NOT comfortable at all.

In Uni, I earned extra money by giving tuition, dancing and selling fags - so I could afford the monthly disposable soft contact lens. Once in awhile, my eyes would swell up -- irritation, lens were not cleaned properly...God knows. By the time I started working, I paid more for daily disposable lenses. My power was 600 on the right 450 on the left. If I didn't have my lens or glasses on, all I saw were blurred objects.

So sedih kan? =(

I flirted with the idea of  LASIK after Isobel Daniella was born. I chose to do a C and was so disappointed when the doc told me that I am not to wear contact lens inside the surgery room -- so all I saw was a blob of a wailing bub. hahahahaha.

This is Isobel Daniella 6 years ago. Such an oriental child. =) Blessed. 

Fast forward a few years, again I flirted with the idea of LASIK after Iman was born (we tried VBAC but I had to do an emergency C after 36 hours of not dilating further than 4cm). A month after my confinement, I went to seek consultation. I was so bummed when they told me since I was breastfeeding, I had to wait another 6 months because my hormones were still wonky.

Iman Daniella...our Chancho

Now that Iman is two years old, I finally told hubby that I wanted to do it. Because of my long hours of shoots and work, I was getting migraine -- and the cause could be because of my eye(sight). My husband the cynic was not to keen on me going for a surgery -- but he said he and his son promised me many years back when they knew of my occuring migraines and bad vision.

LASIK October 2013

After asking around, we decided to go to Prince Court under Prof Muhaya. Heard some raving reviews about her -- had to schedule an appointment with her 2 weeks in advance (she is such a busy person). After postponing the initial appointment (I had a last minute shoot), we managed to secure a slot with her on the 7th October.

I was slightly annoyed with the system though. So I went to the eye clinic, only to be told (much later) that I had to go back down to the lobby to register first. So by the time we were done with that, we were 15 minutes behind our appointment time.

Finally was ushered in. The nurses asked me what was my problem. I told them I was there to meet Prof Muhaya to find out more about LASIK.

She went "Owwhhhh...lasik eh?"

"Kenapa tak bagi tau?"

( I did. That's why I set the appointment...but nevermind)

"Kalau macam kena buat ujian dulu to see if you are eligible"

Hubs interrupts.

"Tapi sebelum tu...can we see a doctor first? We wanna know what it entails"

"Hmmm....but better we see if she is a right candidate sir," she answers in English this time.

By then, my spirits were dipping low. Macam ada jer yang tak jadi.

"B, let's just get my eyes checked and then we see Prof? Boleh kan cik?"

He finally agrees.

So I'm whisked off to do series of tests. The nurse asks me when did I lay off the contacts.

"satu hari"

She looks at me with a half smile.

"Oh...sebenarnya, untuk  buat ujian ni, you kena lay off contact lens at least for 10days"

(Yes...but I came here for a consultation, how am I to know that?)

"Takpe ...takpe...kita buat dulu...nanti kalau doctor check mata you sihat..inshaAllah kita boleh lakukan operation"

The tests were simple...all with machines...then I went to see an Optometrist who then gave me another series of tests ...manually (the type you get when you visit a spectacle shop)

Cooincidently, Prof Muhaya was around, so after my manual eye test, we sort of skipped a few patients and she tended to me personally. She put some drops on my eyes to numb it -- and after a few minutes, (my eyes started to lose focus then), she went ahead to check whether my cornea was healthy..and ta-dah! It was.

After discussing what happens and finding out the costs etc (About RM7999 for blended LASIK -- this is something that enables me to "save" a bit of my vision when I become rabun dekat in my 40s onwards), I was told to lay off contact lens for 2 weeks prior to the surgery.
Now this was going to be a challenge as I had shoots and emcee gigs almost every single day

But...I managed to get through 2 weeks plus without using my contact lenses. Yay!

Hubs actually likes me in my glasses. Odd man. =)

29th October, 930am

We arrived (forgot that I had to register myself downstairs -- so that took another 15-20minutes before I went back to the eye clinic to meet my nurses).


Then I was taken for another series of tests (same machine oriented ones + the manual test by a different optometrist Mr Nazri (?) (He was nice) ). Mr Nazri goes into length about how my eyesight would be post surgery should I choose the normal LASIK or the BLENDED (so you are not rabun dekat after you hit your 40s -- but doing Blended is about a thousand ringgit more). He also showed me how my (blended) vision would be when driving in the dark.

I was told around 12ish that I was good to go for LASIK that afternoon (my heart leaped for joy but was also pounding in anxiety). I went to the registrar to pay for the surgery, collected my medicine and stopped by Coffee Bean to have a quick bite.

By 1plus, we went up to the LASIK centre and passed all medicines to the nurse in charge. I was then asked to change into a surgical robe, tie my hair neatly and to keep it wrapped under a surgical cap.

Prince Court actually provided a light meal for me -- but I was still full from my egg salmon sandwich downstairs.... and admittedly, I was feeling nervous. I think my eyes were also numb from one of the drops they put for the was a bit emo overwhelmed.

I was asked to read the instructions on what would take place in the operation room

The uneaten light meal provided

Probably the last time I'll ever wear my glasses. Look at me. So pucat.

Finally, Prof Muhaya comes to see me. She reassures me that all will be okay and I pointed out to my husband who needed more of the assurance than yours truly.

And then it began.

During the whole time, Prof was very calming ...there was some religious songs being played in the Operation room and she kept praying and saying really positive stuff ...everytime...suffice to say, I was not feeling so nervous because she seemed so calm and collected.

So this is taken by the hubs outside the operation room (about 5 meters away?). I honestly didn't feel a thing...just saw the laser lights and the knife thingy-ma-jig which was quite daunting on hindsight looking at this video now...but yeah...I felt okay during the actual procedure.

About 15 minutes later, the procedure was done!

I was able to walk to the room (where they kept my belongings in a drawer) and I had a quick chat with Prof Dr Muhaya before she left me with the nurse to explain the medicines/eyedrops.

Now, once the anesthetic wore off -- that's where I felt the slight sting of the drops. And boy oh boy! I couldn't stop crying.

(Much much later....a friend who went through LASIK told me I should have laid down for an hour or two with my eyes shut before driving home -- then my eyes would have had some proper rest after the whole ordeal...but I went home right after the surgery)


My husband got a bit worried for the next two hours after cause I was in so much pain and I couldnt see (in actual fact, it was the eye drops that did have some burning sensation due to it's medicinal contents)

Honestly? This was the part that frightened me most cause everyone kept telling me that I wouldn't feel  any pain post surgery...but I kept tearing up and I was feeling so low spirited.

I reached home about 3pm. I slept on the couch (tearing up) till about 7pm when I forced myself to open my eyes and eat so I could take the medicine provided.

Isobel, Iman and my bibik were all looking at me worriedly. They didn't understand what I had gone through -- probably thought my husband and I were fighting cause hubs went upstairs to watch telly cause he hated seeing me in so much pain (happened after I had to do an emergency C section too)


By 9pm, I could finally open my eyes without much discomfort. And...I COULD SEE!

It felt so weird falling asleep in front of the telly with no glasses on (like what normally happens)

30th October, 2013 630am

I woke up and automatically reached for my glasses on my side table. Then I remembered I just had my LASIK the day before.

Excitedly opened my eyes -- felt so weird to be able to see without my glasses. It felt as if I had slept with my contact lens on -- minus the dryness of having an overnight lens in your eye. Awesome!


I carefully put some powder on my face to prepare for an emcee gig at night. (Yeah...crazy that I'm off to work the very next day!)

I'm not to wear any eye makeup for the next two weeks. I also have 4 different eyedrops to apply every day...I was a diligent in applying my drops.

Today is the 22nd day after my LASIK operation. I now wear eye makeup but am still careful with the eye (no rubbing of the eye etc) -- I am not allowed to swim or participate in any water sports for the next 2 - 3months...

So far so good. I wish I had done LASIK earlier.

Thank you Prof Muhaya and team...thank you baby (and ariff I suppose) for the belated gift.

I highly recommend LASIK to those who can do it.




  1. Macam magic kan dapat tengok dunia without the lenses?

    Harap2 dapat menabung for LASIK as well.


  2. Did lasik in excelview midvalley..Vision is not good.. Night vision is terrible with glare, haloes and starbust. It is so real.. please share with others. Be responsible and spread love.

  3. Did lasik in excelview midvalley. Vision is not sharp with dry eyes.Night vision is so bad will all the haloes and starbust. Depress...

    Hasil lasik tidak dijamin. Ade risiko pandangan akan kabur dan tidak bole dibetulkan dengan cermin mata. Tolong sebarkan kebenaran. Kerana ada yang sudah menderita. Saya tidak dapat ape2 keuntungan

  4. Hi, just want to share my lasik experience. Please share with your friends to safe them or their love one.
    Did lasik in EXCELVIEW MID VALLEY.
    But my vision is not good with haloes,. Night vision is even worse with haloes, blurr and starbust..

  5. The excitement of seing without glass is the main reason why we do lasik. But when excitement hits you, u might become so bias in decision making. Dont stop reading and u will will find out why other people are making so much effort to tell people not to do lasik. Who will benefit from their voice, not them for sure.


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