Saturday, October 12, 2013

Jabra Style Hands Free Review by Daphne & Joe

So a few days ago, I wrote my take on the Jabra Sport Wireless+. Today, we tried the Jabra Style Handsfree device that works with any Bluetooth enabled device.

The Jabra Style consists of the Jabra Bluetooth headset, Manual, Eargels

Now that I'm more familiar with the bluetooth pairing, connecting the Jabra Style with my bluetooth device was much faster. All I had to do was to hold the Off/ON/Pairing switch in the Pairing position for 3 seconds. As of the Jabra Sports, when the light starts flashing blue, pairing mode is on and I just have to follow the voice-guided pairing instructions.

Another option is to connect with an NFC device:

Again, turn the headset on and hold an NFC device against the NFC zone of the headset (which is the Jabra logo).

The headset can be worn on the left or right ear. I'm always more comfortable on my right.

(You have to adjust the height of the plastic-y earhook up or down for the most comfortable fit)

It is so simple to use (and lightweight), so speaking to someone of the phone (for instance was a breeze.

If you are looking for a sleek headset, Jabra Style is a good option. Pricing? RM229. Not sure what the prices are for bluetooth earsets outside -- as I'm more of a "use Speaker phone" when I need handsfree.

But now that I have it, it's quite comforable and the audio I listen to is clear. I tried speaking to my husband via this device and spoke in lower tones. He could hear me just fine (plus he has selective hearing).

Here's the official review of the Jabra Style on their website.

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