Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Jabra Sport Wireless+ Review

Hubs and I were asked to review both the Jabra Sport Wireless+ and the Jabra Style.

Here is my take on the JABRA SPORT.

It comes in a box consisting of:

1) Wireless earphones
2) Different eargels for different ears shapes (mine are tiny)
3) Fitclip (which I lost while jogging)
4) An instruction manual
5) An Endomondo premium pamphlet (To get you a 3 months Endomondo premium subscription)
6) An armband

According to the instruction manual, you can "Get started in Under 5 minutes. I took slightly longer because first, I was fiddling with the Jabra wireless trying to find which eargel suited my ear shape best.

(Then Iman fiddled around with it and dropped everything, so I had to clean up her mess)

And then, since I'm not really a bluetooth user, I had to get hubs to help me locate it on my device (You can only use this (obviously) with a bluetooth-friendly device -- so my ipod and shuffle couldn't be paired =( )

(The newer ipods are bluetooth friendly though ....FYI).

Anyway, once I got my act together, pairing the Jabra Wireless+ with my device was easy.

I put my Jabra wireless+ on and went for my 5km run at the park nearby.

My take?

The sound was extremely clear and smooth. Because I used my mobile, some calls came through and for the calls that I wanted to take, it was so easy to do so and maneuver -- with just a press of the button to answer/not answer.

I tried the FM radio during my cooling down session. Because I was on the go, the line had some interference, but I like the fact that with this device, I can tune onto my favorite radio session where ever I am.

You will have to find time to get the right eargel that fits perfectly for your ear shape -- otherwise, it will keep popping out. The "curve" of the earpiece is probably better for those with 'bigger ears' (my husband felt it was just nice for him...Go figure!)

The price is pretty steep though -- RM499.00 but definitely worth it if you are someone always on the go. ( Highly recommended for runners and cyclists)

You can get your JABRA SPORTS at any Machines Store, Connect Store, Challenger and Radioshack OR via 

Hope this helps? Will blog my review on the JABRA STYLE soon. 

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