Monday, June 17, 2013


I actually caught the LONGER trailer version of this movie whilst watching (at the very same hall) Ironman (isn't Tony Stark a charmer?). And although admittedly, I'm not a huge fan of sci-fi movies (my husband gave me a quick 101 on understanding the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek), I was quite impressed with the cinematography, plus ok. Chris Pine is cute.

The week before hubs and I were invited for the screening of Star Trek Into The Darkness, we had already tried the new IMAX 3D cinema at TGV 1Utama to catch Ironman. 

I must say, I was highly impressed with the hall (and movie of course).

We booked the couple seat (nice and roomy) and were ready with our munchies. Honestly? I don't fancy using the 3D glasses, it gives me the spinners but I think the ones TGV provides are bigger and lighter so I didn't feel nauseated using 'em. 

After Ironman, I told hubs I wouldn't mind watching Star Trek in this hall again.

The Law of Attraction applied. I was invited for the screening of this much awaited movie and I came in my most comfy attire (read: unglam).

Lining up for our tickets, I felt a wave of shame.

Most of the audience turned  up in...OHEMGEE... Trekkie baju!


I searched on the ticket to see if there was a dresscode for this special screening. Zilch. Was there supposed to be an after-costume-party that I was not aware of?

Takde pun.

Retying my hair and adding a swig of gloss, I decided that Trekkies would have to take this lass as she is.

 Trekkies waiting impatiently

See what I mean? 

 The Captains Chair was a popular prop. I wanted to wait till all the trekkies did their 'thang' before taking a shot of me sitting on it. Unfortunately, the shot I took was not blogger friendly, so here's what I see before and after my (ridiculous) shot.

These chaps took the role quite seriously. They even "spoke" like Spock and James T. Kirk

 Peace & Prosper. 
We should apply this in our everyday lives man.

My review of the movie?

Because I am not a huge Star Trek fan, I did not digress it as how a fanatic would.

Overall, I thought the whole movie was pretty good. Plenty of twists, evoking an array of emotions..

The character that I felt really stood out was Cumberbatch's performance. He delivered the part of the villain extremely well although I heard there were some controversy on his casting (something to do with his casting as being "whitewashed into oblivion"?)

After the movie, the PR manager of TGV Cinemas handed out more goodies in a Q&A session. I left the hall at that point because I obviously was not as swift to answer as the trekkies in the hall.

A feel good movie in a very feel good hall.

Brought the kids to watch EPIC the following week.

THAT'S how impressed I am with the IMAX 3D at TGV Cinema. Plus it's so close to home. YAY!

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