Why I need a Yoga Studio

I have been practicing yoga since 2005 but was really into it back in 2008. And then I stopped for a year because I was pregnant ( and I couldn't find an instructor who does prenatal yoga classes nearby). Last year, I decided to started practicing yoga on a more regular basis. Most of the time with the help of yogaglo.com, an online yoga tutorial that costs USD18 per month.

Then by the miracle of Yaya, YogaOneThatIWant Studios came along.

Even Isobel loves yogaonethatiwant studios 

I am very grateful for yogaonethatiwant studios. It's near, they have great instructors and Yaya and I have a wonderful friendship. I love home practices with yogaglo, but ideally, having a 'real' instructor does have it's perks -- especially in correcting our poses and making sure we push our bodies to be more disciplined. And of course, practicing at a real studio ... you won't get any surprises.

I am still shaky with my headstands. Learning to pinch with a wall nearby now. One day. One day....It can only get better.