Friday, May 10, 2013

From this day on POST GE13

From this day on, I have vowed to be MORE proactive as a citizen of Malaysia. Instead of getting sucked into the negativites and "who did who wrong" agenda of BOTH parties, I will instead, focus on  what I, the lass on the street, can do to make our country healthier and safer. For starters, I will double my efforts in volunteering. Here are some sites you can logon to. Feel free to comment if you have more.

1. WAO
3. This is a really good site that you can volunteer or seek volunteers from
4. TindakMalaysia
5. Tenaganita 
7. Sisters in Islam
9. Teach For Malaysia 
10.Teach For the Needs
12. Centre for Independent Journalism
13. Ecoknights
14. Khatulistiwa 

Actually, the list is endless. You can also go to the candidate you support and follow his/her progress; see how you can help him/her and the team.

Please feel free to add on to the other social movements you know of and other volunteering posts ready for another hand!



A concerned citizen who loves Malaysia

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  1. Who knows you may contest in the election one day :)