Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pumpkin and Patch Playing at the Park

I've just completed 6 articles for a brand new site coming soon, in which 3 topics assigned to me, concentrates on the kids. When it comes to writing about the family and my girls , I don't have much problems - probably because I am blessed with a job that enables me to be with them more frequently than most working mothers out there.

Eskilito and Chancho. Our Pumpkin and Patch. What would I do without the both of you?

Brave and Sweet
 I've said many times before but my first born is truly my little rock. I recently posted on Instagram telling the world to go fly a kite. You will never know my story and like I said, if the same thing happened to you, you will understand why I have kept quiet all these years. 

Let bygones  be bygones and let's focus on the now shall we?

Isobel has such an independent old soul in her. And is able to make strangers feel better by just talking to them. 
Our very own Patch Adams.
Our little Chancho. She's growing way too fast for us
Iman Daniella. Now this is one tough cookie. My lil' gangsta. She has the fiery spirit of her father and his wisdom too. A bully at times, but with the most heart warming smile and softest way of saying "mama" and "papa". 
(especially when she wants food)

Our grouch of a Pumpkin. 
And Wheeeee! Faster mama...faster!
Thank you God for blessing us with our children. Forever they will be, even if at times we may have our indifferences.


Thank you Pumpkin Patch Malaysia for providing us with the wardrobe for the photoshoot.
Pumpkin Patch Malaysia now has their own facebook page. Click here to get interesting updates :


  1. Don't be bothered what people say about you; You are blessed with beautiful children who are meant more than anything else.
    Great pictures, love it.
    Feel free to visit my blog; there're some activities which might suits your elder girl.

  2. Hi Daphne. Fiery Mr. Azmi huh? ehehh. been working with him before and yeah betul la tu. tapi garang yang bertempat. most of the time he's charming (especially when he's rapping) hahaha. I love your both daughters alahaiii they're so cute!
    Just so u know, in another angle of this world there's someone whom really adore u, ur kids n ur happy life :)
    All the best to u n family yeah. God bless u all amin.