Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sex without consent is rape. We explore this further on Bella ntv7

Sex without consent is rape, including any form of oral or anal penetration  using objects without someone's consent. Rape is a violent crime using sex as a weapon - rape is used to assert one's domination over another. It is not committed to satisfy a sexual urge, contrary to what most folks think. Rape is a gross violation of a person's rights and is a form of  discrimination.

Do you know that here in Malaysia, we still do not acknowledge Marital Rape?

Click here to watch my discussion with DSP Zaiton, Counsellor Mi Yen, Wibawa founder Nik Elin, Awam reps Smitha & Thency and Executive Director of WAO Ivy Josiah on rape.

tonton-home-channels-ntv7-bella 2013-episode 5 - Bella 2013 - Episode 5

Is 30 years jailtime and whipping enough? What can we do to prevent rape? Who is responsible in ensuring women's safety? Are we to blame? And it's not just women who get raped. But men too, like the transexuals - but it is not considered rape due to the current legal definition here in Malaysia. Anyone is vulnerable.

Can sex education help?

Find out in this extended version of our interview.

What is RAPE?

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  1. I think sex education covering women's / child's rights shld start early in our education system. I came out of our education system knowing none of these. I think Bella did a good job highlighting this. But it doesn't get to the victims, mostly are uneducated.. I don't mean booksmart, but being aware of sexual harassment. It was not, still isn't mandatory to be made a knowledge to all young girls even right to adulthood. Our media n gov shld not find it a taboo to openly discuss these issues. Knowing doesn't rob off one's innocence. It is an awareness. Please keep fighting for such cause. Thanks.