Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

The ball is your court, and since it's not swung back, we've decided that there's no point trying if the gesture is not being requited. And it doesn't help when spectators of the show are playing referees and the reporters are not telling the full story.


We get your message. You don't want a solution really. Rather than be bogged down by this game you and your pawns are playing, I'd rather live a life concentrating on what's good for me and the family. And our sanity. I will never understand until you make me, but you clearly don't want to do so judging from your actions and your words.

Tata then. Gotta keep it real yo! I'm going to count the small blessings in life and be grateful for what they are, no matter how tiny they are. Bitter and sweet. Which includes this little fiasco. Thank you.

Love and light,


Blessed New Year folks! from Daphne Iking on Vimeo.


  1. InsyaAllah one day Allah SWT will open all of our hearts and eyes. Focus on the big picture -road to Jannah

  2. Yes. Insyaa Allah... God will open the hearts and minds of all those involved. I really hope my husband's son and his mother will one day be open to meeting up so this can all be sorted once and for all. No more bickering. No more pain.