Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Reader's Digest Scam?

Dear folks at Reader's Digest,

I have been receiving your mails about me "standing a chance to win" bla bla bla if I bla bla bla bla. I normally discard your mails because it sounds too good to be true and to be quite honest, I think it's a whole load of hogwosh if you ask me - especially when you request us to reply and return confirmation slips etc. I also feel it's a waste of good paper. Thank God you stopped. Well almost.

Yesterday, another mail came into the post from the Office of the Prize Award Administrator of Mayvin Seeneevasen.

" DAPHNE M IKING, YOU MADE IT. 99% of Malaysians have not been included in our offer and this time and will not receive an important envelope within the next few days. That envelope may contain a winning opportunity, and could you become RM250,000 richer!"


Has anyone received similar letters?




  1. bertahun tahun dah dapat dah... ~ boring. REader's Digest no new idea lah...

  2. My mom got the same.. My dad returns all the papers and mail them back to them but he discarded the ones that hv my moms name on it.. It stops for a while but then they keep on mailing the same thing again..

  3. Crappy scam contest. But the books promoted is really good anyway.

  4. I did.. and twice in this life... and it's still coming... with a key etc.. all to the waste bin...

  5. Stupid fool readers digrst. my sis didn;t subscribe but RD also stated my sis as loyal readers and customer so tats y she received chance to join contest. wat a super scam.

  6. I received a letter from RD to my name and home address. In it was a lottery scratch & win ( A car + Cash), a chance to win over RM250K IF i were to subscribe to RD for a year. I last read a RD when i was in my early teens but i have never joined a contest of such lucrative offer. I knew it must be a scam because it repeated my name 'Jason Patricks' several times. Scam,scam, scam...

  7. i never participate in any readers digest , guess what i just received this bizarre mail today 30 jan 2014 . and it look exactly like above mail. only the prize up to RM625,000. THNKS for sharing